Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's confessions

1. I once had a dozen red roses sent to me. They were really beautiful and they smelt divine.
2. I once had a Valentine card that I never sent (To my history teacher. He was smashing.)
3. Last year, my hubby gave me a cherry tree for a Valentine. I love sweet cherries!
4. I once had a card from an ex with my name mis-spelt.
5. My parents have a special Valentine card that appears every year - it shows a chicken on top of a huge pile of eggs and inside the caption reads: 'Everything I have is yours.'
6. My ideal Valentine would be a chocolate card. With my name in icing sugar.
7. My favourite Valentine meal is pizza, salad and a nice wine. (With cherries to follow.)
8. One of my Valentine gifts this year is a donation to Haiti.
By the way, the Siren Bookstrand Readers' Group is holding an event for Valentine's week, where we ask questions and give prizes (I'm offering a download of Bronze Lightning on the 12th., so don't miss it!).


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