Sunday, February 28, 2010

Angelic Forecast ~ #78

The Cherub fast-sails our cloud above a forest of conifers and trees with bare-limbed winter branches, before I can continue thinking about the territorial space wars.
Moon Dream!
My Wolfess Spirit Guide appears, leaping from the snowy ground onto our cloud. She tongue-kisses my cheek, then companionably stands beside me as I loop my arm around her.
“In my authorly life I wrote about you,” I tell her. “On Lindsay Townsend’s
‘Yes,’ she answers. I have wolf words to for those who wish to listen.
“First, let me introduce you again,” I say.

Angelic Forecast ~ XIX

Wanting to see if the full moon of January 11, 2009, the first one of the New Year, can be seen I glance out my west-facing window. Yep, only as a hazy brilliant white disc almost directly overhead. Earlier an overcast sky had hidden Luna’s face, or the Wolf Moon as this face of the moon is called.
“I read your blog about the significance of the Wolf Moon, and the destiny she offers.”The Heavenly One has appeared. And he’s not alone. A magnificent silvery coated wolf stands next to him, her jet black eyes scrutinizing me.
“Beautiful,” I murmur, aching to touch her, pet her. “What did you think of my interpretation?” I ask.
“You missed one important facet or one bright opportunity the Wolf Moon brings to everyone in this year of 2009.”
“Hi,” I croon to the wolf, leaning over a bit. “What did I miss, O Cherub One?”
“Moon Dream has asked to tell you.”
“Moon Dream, what a perfect name.” I crouch down. “What do you want to tell me?” I ask her. Suddenly, I see the full moon in her eyes. She approaches slowly, her gaze and her furred beauty bewitching me.
Sitting before me, she lifts her paw. I lightly grasp, then let her paw settle in my palm.
We wolves, the Wolf Spirit, wish to assist humanity at this time. We will guide you in the ways of wisdom you have forgotten over your many generations. We will howl a path for you. We will watch over you and protect you. We wish to share the future with you, as companions, as both spirit companions and as your brothers and sisters.
Tears flood my eyes. I can’t help it. “I wish it so,” I say. “I wish it so.”
Moon Dream stands, then touches my cheek with a nose kiss. I remain with you. I am one of your guides now. Think my name and I will answer.
I nod. Volcano’s infinite purple eyes meet my gaze. He nods. Then they are gone. Yet not gone

“What would you tell us, Moon Dream?” I ask.

More and more, we wolves of many realms and kinds, are emerging forth to the awareness of humanity, in your dreams, in your written stories, in the entertainments you watch and enjoy.
We wolves are walking forth into what you often label REALITY, or the world you know as real.
Our minds are more open to communicating with you than has been. Listen for us. We will speak with you. We will speak to you. Whenever you notice an image of us, or anything ‘wolf’, know we are with you always. And listen for a message that will assist you in your life.
For now, we offer you our power to create the world as you have it to be for ALL of us. Our wolf spirit power joined with your individual spirit power.

Howls, Moon Dream

For this week check out the details that make up your life, the details that you might normally take for granted, or the details that simply have become so much background... as water is to the fish swimming in it. This is a time for scrutinizing what ‘details’ continue to serve you in your life, and which ‘details’ no longer serve your life, or no longer serve the future you desire.
It could be as simple as taking a close look at your routines and asking the question ~ is this way of doing things helping me or harming me?
Or, it may be noticing a detail that could make a big difference in helping you to avoid a troublesome situation.
On the world stage it’s ‘Quakesville’. No, not just the massive earthquake in Chile, or the major earthquakes that are still to come this year. The whole issue of money, and the economy is a Quakesville. It is advisable *NOT* to trust what those in charge are saying is the truth. It is advisable to prepare for a time where access to your funds could be limited.
Also, there is a golden stream of Good. Tap in and inspiration will be yours and you will know the best ways to increase your personal prosperity.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


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