Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Negotiations

Valentines Negotiation 20 years after the wedding...

Dear Darling Cupid,
For Valetines Day I would like a big box of fat-free, calorie-free chocolates, a moonlit stroll along the beach, a long soak in a hot bath followed by a sensual massage and lots of loving moments with my hubby.
Love always Rachel

Dear Rachel
You don't like sand, remember? And you know there is no such thing as calorie-free chocolate.
Love Always Cupid

Dear Cupid
Okay, so no beach stroll and no chocolates, but can I still have the bath, massage and time with hubby?
Love Rachel

Dear Rachel
You don't have time for a long bath. The kids need to get to football and dance practice, the dog has an appointment with the vet, and I happen to know that your hubby has to work the late shift.
Love Cupid

Dear Stupid Cupid
So what can I have?

Dear Rachel
I can organize for you a one time only, uninterrupted, three minute shower or a five minute chat with your hubby.
And don't call me stupid!

Dear mean Cupid
Would the shower be before or after the kids use all the hot water?

Oh if you insist. One three minute, uninterrupted, HOT shower. Take it or leave it?

Dear Sweetie Cupid
Hot water! Woot! Count me in.
Love always Rachel

Okay so maybe life isn't quite so hectic, but it sure can mess with the romance. What are you hoping Cupid brings this year? Come share your thoughts on the Siren Bookstrand Readers Group - just click on the heart.

Rachel Clark

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