Monday, February 8, 2010

Regan's Valentine's Story

Some people may call it a Hallmark Holiday, but Valentine’s day has always been one of my favorites. I still like those goofy little heart candies with the oddball sayings and total taste delight – PEEPs has a Valentine’s line!

I suppose some could say this was a disastrous Valentine’s day and others that it was a romantic one. To me Valentine’s day 1992 was a day of endings and beginnings. I was engaged to a Marine Corps Cobra pilot who was having issues after Desert Storm. It really changed his emotional paradigm and we were going to talk out our relationship on Valentine’s day that year. I told him I’d be at my parents’ house which was close to his base and we’d meet and talk. He never showed. I waited and waited. Checked my messages a hundred times while I sat and looked out my parents’ kitchen window. I was devastated when he never showed.

And then, another Marine showed up. This one flew CH-53’s – the helo that the Marine’s used in commercials with the knight in shining armor fighting with his sword and slowly morphs into a modern day Marine in dress blues with his sword. The commercial ends by saying “knights still ride stallions”. He took that knight in shining armor part to heart and HE was the one who showed up at my parents’ door. I opened it and all he said was “I couldn’t let you be alone on Valentine’s day.” He was my best friend before that. In that one sentence be became the love of my life. A year later, on Valentine’s day my knight told me for the first time he loved me. Seventeen years later he is still my best friend and every once in awhile I turn around and realize I’ve fallen in love with him all over again.

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