Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yet Another Five Star (Dragon) Review

Hold you hats. My second Sensual Awakenings, novel, Sharing Brenda, has garnered another five star review, the third. I say five star but the review site, Veiled Secrets Reviews calls them dragon. Anyway that's a heep load of dragons

Sharing Brenda
Sharing Brenda

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Brenda Evans had never been so humiliated as she was on her wedding day. She was married all of two seconds when her new spouse, Kerry, cheated on her at their reception. With one of her bridesmaids. And they were caught by several people. Unable to cope with this humiliation, Brenda flees the reception with her best friend Jasmine and her two husbands, and ends up alone on their honeymoon struggling to face life. Jasmine isn't going to leave her that way. She's arranged a new life for Brenda at the ranch her husbands came from.

Brenda arrives at the airport and is met by the most handsome cowboy she's ever seen, Billy
Joe Watkins. He can't keep his eyes off Brenda. She's beautiful and so hurt that all he wants to do is love her and show her how a real man would treat her. Of course he has to share her with his best friend, Salvador Rivas. Both are known as ladies men, but there is something different about Brenda, something that makes them want to be only with her. When they look at her they know she is their mate. So the two cowboys, best friends, put their heads together and decide that Brenda deserves the best in life, and that would be both of them. It's not easy to convince this wounded woman that they can be faithful to her and love her together. As Brenda becomes part of the ranch family she picks up the pieces of her life and ends up with two stunningly delicious cowboys determined to show her how to be loved and love in return.

I couldn't turn the pages fast enough as I started reading
Sharing Brenda. This is The second
book in the Sensual Awakenings series. As both Billy Joe and Sal decide to woo Brenda into their arms and their beds, showers, and any place they can get a chance to show her their special brand of loving, my heart rate increased and I began to wish it were me in place of Brenda. I was so glad to see how Brenda picks up her life and learns what real love with two very determined, sexy as sin, cowboys can bring to her life. There is nothing so satisfying as reading a book that takes you to new heights of love and desire. Watching the two men teach their woman what only the two of them can do for her and making it a permanent arrangement after making her see herself as the woman she truly is, just took my breath away. I fell in love with the characters in this story and was thrilled with every minute of the way the three of them come to life as you read each page.

I read this book straight from start to finish, not wanting to take any breaks or put it down. I am
now going to go in search of the first book in the series and can't wait to see the next book in the Sensual Awakening series. It sure puts out a lot of heat, and I know it gave me a lot to think about. Don't miss this book. It will light a fire under you to find your man for some intense love making.

Judy King

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