Monday, November 23, 2009


Kris Cook
November 23, 2009

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[Menage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, May-December, BDSM]


Heat boiled from Clint’s gut as he watched Beth shower Dustin with pleasure, tempting him to throw caution to the wind.

Stay on course. Don’t veer.

Dustin grabbed two handfuls of Beth’s hair and fucked her deeper into her mouth.

Clint knelt behind Beth. He began kissing her back and rubbing her round buttocks, sliding his fingers to the wet, waiting flesh of her pussy beneath. More desire rolled through him.

“Beth, I want to taste your sweetness,” he whispered to her.

With her between him and Dustin, Clint saw her skin flush red. His body echoed her heat.

Clint guided Beth back to a pillow. Moisture coated her slit. He couldn’t wait another second.

The second he got his tongue on her, Clint moaned. She tasted sweet. With a lusty gasp, she gripped his shoulders, nails digging into his skin. She wanted more, and he resolved to give it to her. The sound of Dustin sucking on her breasts only added to his rush.

He grabbed Beth’s hips and pulled her closer, going deeper with his tongue, fingers sliding in a slow tease over her clit.

He pressed on her clit.

“O-Oh, y-yes.” She licked her lips.

“That’s it, Clint. Make her moan.”

Clint wanted to please Dustin and Beth, and also wanted more for him. His insides boiled.

“I’ve got to get inside you, Beth.”

“God, yes,” she said in a breathy rush.

He climbed over her, his dick in hand. He spread Beth’s legs farther apart and guided his pulsing cock between her slick folds, up and deep inside her. Her cunt tightened around his dick like a vise.

“Clint, you feel so good.”

He focused on the frenzy inside him. He went slowly into Beth’s tight cunt. How he wished he could make this moment last forever.

He watched every expression on her face. Each provided clues to what she wanted, and was ready to take. Whenever she bit her lip, he knew he could give her another inch of his dick. When he finally was able to fill her up with his dick, he watched her lick her lips. Everything about her drove him wild.

Clint rolled to his back, pulling Beth with him, his dick still in her pussy.

“Beth, I want to watch you blow Dustin.” He shove up into Beth again. She sat up and took every bit, whimpering with need.

“Will you stay inside me while I suck him?” Her eyes sparkled.
In answer, Clint leaned in and devoured her left breast, then whispered across her skin, “Trust me. I’m not going anywhere for a long while.”

“G-God.” Beth’s body shook as she continued riding Clint.

“Get closer, Dustin, to make it easier for her.”

Dustin came into Clint’s peripheral view.

Beth turned her head and swallowed Dustin’s cock. A wave of energy passed through Clint. The sexy display breathlessly burned him deep down, they were bent on stoking the fire. Burn, baby, burn. His psyche spiraled faster and faster and his climax loomed.

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