Friday, November 6, 2009

Hunk Alert: Meet Sexy Evan


#6 on the Siren-Bookstrand Bestseller list!

KATA SUTRA by J. Rose Allister
Rated SCORCHING by Siren-Bookstrand’s Menage Amour Line


Blond, rippled, and intensely passionate about more than just martial arts, Evan is the owner of the Dakota Dragon karate school. And whether he’s engaged in combat or erotic maneuvers, he is more than capable of showing exactly why "dragon" is featured in the name.


Before she could react, Evan struck out of nowhere, flashed around and came up behind her. Taking hold of one wrist, he pushed her in a smooth, controlled movement against the padded bag until her cheek rested against vinyl. A squeal barely had time to escape her throat before he had her pinned with her wrist pressed into the bag over her head. He ran one hand along the length of her spine, the heat of his body fanning her mixture of panic and desire. A flaming chill went along with it.

He growled disapproval. “I thought as much.” His breath and words came in tingling puffs against her ear. “You came to train your body in fighting skills without so much as bothering with a bra?”

With equal lack of warning, he released her, and with a whoosh of escaping breath, she forced herself to turn and face him. Had it been that obvious? Her used gi top wasn't that worn, was it?

Try though she may, a quiver unsteadied her voice. “I don't like them. Too constricting for freedom of movement.” She folded her arms across her chest, her eyes flicking of their own accord to a visible change in the architecture of the front of his pants. “Not that it's any of your business. Bras aren't listed on your 'Required Dress' sheet.”

His laugh rumbled all the way down through her pelvis. “They shouldn't have to be. Nor should I have to wait for the rest of the class to leave so as not to embarrass you by mentioning it.”

So, they were alone.

Conflicting scenarios flashed through her mind, involving either running for her life or catapulting her celibacy out the window.

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