Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Angel and the Lawman Releases Today!

Greetings Everyone:

Since today is the release day of my first book with Siren-Bookstrand, Inc. I thought I would introduce myself and give you some information on the book.

I'm a native Midwesterner transplanted to Montana and finally retired from a 80% travel job in the medical industry. I have always written for fun and for magazine articles as well as short stories in my spare time. I sold a novel in 2000 and short story and proceeded to have total chaos in my life.  Well, I'm finally back with a new webpage, a new blog and a new novel.  In honor of my moving to the west, I felt a western romance was perfect for me.  I'm not a erotic writer although there are a few sex scenes in the novel that might change your mind, but I was told by Alison that it required more than 2 erotic scenes to qualify for the Siren side of the business. So I come up as  Sensual in the Bookstrand line.  I hope it fits.

With that said, I thought I would post current links to those who are interested in my new book Angel and the Lawman as well as my new blog and new webpage.  I've put in an excerpt below the picture for those of you who avid romance readers. I'm working on a sequel to this one, a children's book and a scifi romance novel. Huge jump from one to the other, but it keeps my mind active. If you are looking for me as Stormy, you should still find me and all my free fiction on my webpage listed under Stormynite fiction. Just click that link and it will take you to all the stories that used to be on my old webpage. I've gone with BW Starmer or Barbara W. Starmer for all my new "for sale" writing, so search under that and I should come up. Sign up to follow me on my Blog and if you are writing a blog or need a link to a webpage, feel free to contact me.

This is so much fun. Hope you enjoy the book and if you want to write a review, contact me off my webpage and I'll link it there. Any suggestions you might have on selling ebooks is appreciated as well.


With a need to find her unknown father, young Irish Alexandra O’Shay travels west filled with curiosity and passion. A chance encounter with a mysterious man in black creates doubt and hope at the same time. Is this her destiny or downfall? Will misfortune and prejudice follow her even in America? As the railroads advance westward at a rapid pace, violence and death follow close behind. An unexpected train robbery gives Alex a look at a potential future, but only if she is willing to fight beside an extraordinary lawman.With a reputation for honesty and a fast gun, Marshal James Black takes on a new challenge and a new attitude toward women. Alexandra Wild is not only beautiful, but a survivor and that intrigues him more than he likes. Relationships have proven fatal in the past. Would this be any different?

Barbara Starmer




Angel and the Lawman-Available Now!

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