Monday, November 9, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ #62


Sarius nuzzles me with a sweetness that brings tears to my eyes. We turn around together and companionably walk back the way we came. I know the Cherub is waiting for me.
Reflectively, I say, “I love Mother Earth. I love the animals, the plants, the land. I love the people on Earth.”
I know. It’s why you’re here at this time on Earth.
“I just wish the people of Earth loved each other.”


I watch the Cherub surf toward me, using his exquisite pink cloud like a surfboard. His dark hair blows back and he looks like a romance-novel bad boy against the backdrop of a silvery pale blue sky. No wonder Sedona can’t resist him.
Inner Earth, the sky. It isn’t really a sky. I wonder what they call it here. I wonder about who resides here. I wonder about the civilizations. I know there is more than one. I can feel it.
Arriving before me, the Heavenly One smiles, lighting up my heart. He reaches a hand down for me, then literally sails me up to the cloud so I stand beside him.
“What next?” I ask before he can tell me anything. “And how’s Sedona?”
“My beloved woman and Aru enjoy our special cabin. Sedona is practicing with her new wings.”
“Wings?” I euphorically tingle inside at the thought.
“Her angel wings, yet, they are new to Earth. Manifesting them can be iffy for a time.”
I nod. “Oh, that makes sense.”
“My woman is gloriously beautiful...” The Cherub stops, as if he is about to say too much. His beatific grin makes his face even more radiant. “Chrysallos. That is our next place to visit.”

The forthcoming week follows in the steps of the previous week. Opportunity to grow your dreams continues. There is a golden light enveloping Mother Earth, there to be used by all of us in furthering our lives to the benefit of everyone. The dark forces seek to obscure this light, this golden opportunity, by creating horrendous distractions, by placing mountainous obstacles in our way. By using their foul energies to darken our world and foster chaos.
Grow your dreams. Grow your souls. And remember to love one another.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~
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