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Angelic Forecast ~ #65

Sedona’s Wings on Earth

Late November, 2013

For a blissful moment, Sedona raised her face to the late autumn sun. The watery light and the soft warmth not only bathed her body, but her soul. As time had passed from December 21, 2012, the skies had become clearer, the volcanic ash lessening. She breathed in the high mountain air, savoring the crispness and the overwhelming scent of pine.
“Aru,” she called her beloved dog. “Where are you? I just need to see you.”
At the telltale rustle of leaves, Sedona glanced in that direction. Aru loped up the rise of ground, his nose to the ground. Halting, he popped his wrinkled head up, pricked his ears and gave her knowing look.
Sedona smiled as she always did. “Okay. Have fun. Don’t roam too far.”
Mischievously, Aru flipped his curled tail, then spun around. He eased into a gallop toward one of his favorite areas to sniff and investigate.
Closing her eyes, Sedona focused on her newly forming wings. She’d practiced with the angelic version of her wings in the etheric realms. However, flying on Earth with materialized wings was a whole other matter.
Concentrating on bringing them forth fully, she felt each unfolding membrane, each feather and sinew. Painstakingly, she unfurled her wings, a challenge to her patience. More and more, she felt the sun’s rays on her fragile-feeling flesh and feathers. The gossamer radiance sparkled through her entire body, though.
Blinking open her eyes, she carefully stretched her wings outward. The breezes wafted over them. Still, she kept them steady, their slight weight an odd sensation on her back. Drawing in a huge sustaining breath, she flapped, a slow determined motion.
Focusing with all her might, Sedona kept them both moving at the same speed. She flapped a bit faster, increasing the power of her wings until her feet lifted off the ground.
Thrilled beyond measure, she stayed calm and maintained control as she’d trained herself to do. Sailing a few feet higher, she hovered for several minutes glorying in the feeling of being airborn. The freedom of it blazed through her.
With Volcano’s instructions dominating her thoughts, Sedona lowered herself at the first tingling ache. Landing on her feet easily, she allowed her wings to vanish from her back and return to the divine ethers.
“I did it! I did it!” she shouted, running like a young girl toward Aru.
Light as a gazelle, he bounced around her, celebrating with her. Soon they wrestled playfully. Sedona rolled on the ground, woggling her Aru, the laughter spilling out of her.

The following week, and the next few weeks leading up to the winter solstice, presents an excellent opportunity for communication of all kinds. Talk with those you love, the deeper the better. It’s time and it’s the treasure of this holiday season.
Communicate with those you work beside. This is an opportunity to clear away old misunderstandings and create the future anew.
Follow the promptings of your highest self for the smoothest, most effective communication.
Remember communication, especially in the mainstream venues used by the world stage, is always a double-edged sword. Truth will be revealed as never before. At the same time, a veritable storm of lies will try to cover it up.
Your personal discernment is critical. No one can tell you what the truth is. It’s all up to you. That is the power of the Aquarian Age.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~
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