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Spanish Eyes - getting great reviews!

I'm a very happy author right now. My historical romance, Spanish Eyes, was released Oct. 6, and already it's received two great reviews!!!

5-STARS***** In "Spanish Eyes" by Phyllis Campbell is a remarkable story of strength, romance, and determination. The sexual tension between Rebecca and Anton is so well written you feel the emotions of both characters. The story has many well written subplots that give it a fullness rarely found in romance novels. Although the sexual interactions are very explicit they are tasteful and believable. I enjoyed reading this story so much I would like to see more novels featuring these characters. This is a strong 5 star book that does not disappoint. If you curl up with this one be prepared to swoon. ~~ Marilyn Thompson / Mind Fog Reviews

5-STARS!!!! Ms. Campbell has penned a devilishly good romance with a healthy dose of suspense. The blend of intrigue, conflict, and sensual delights will have the reader hooked from the beginning. I am fascinated by the unusual type of heroine that I found in Rebecca; she is going outside the bounds of what is expected of women during this era. Her strength and tenacity combine to make her an unforgettable character. Her interaction with Anton and their ensuing relationship will keep the reader on edge wondering what might be the possible outcome, and what the journey will bring. The story is well rounded, and the secondary storylines add an extra level of enjoyment. I am already a fan of Ms. Campbell and, as usual, she does not disappoint; she has another winner in Spanish Eyes. ~~ Teagan Boyd / Bookwenches

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“The fact still remains our relationship is not based entirely on satisfying our desires.”

Rebecca threw him a glare. “That’s because we haven’t satisfied them at all.”

Anton’s heartbeat thudded in his chest, and his loins flared to attention. What made her speak of this? She knew how he felt. It sounded as if she wanted him to satisfy her...and this time, he wouldn’t let anything stop them.

“Then let us end the argument right now.” He took hold of her arm again, turning them toward the stairs as he led her below deck.

Her body stiffened, but she didn’t struggle. He assumed it was to keep the other passengers on the ship from watching them too closely.

“What are you doing?” Her voice rose.

“I am proving to you that sex is not the only reason I like you.”

“And how are you going to do that?”

“I am going to make love to you.”

“What? You contradict yourself, Señor Carrera.”

“No, because after I make love to you, you will see that I will remain by your side, protecting you until we prove my true identity. I will show you I do not just want you for your sweet, luscious body, whereas if Raúl had his wicked way with you, he would ignore you for the rest of the voyage.”

“Anton, please.” She squirmed, trying to release herself from his grip. But he wouldn’t let her go. He hurried below deck and to their room, closing the door behind them.

“Stop this insanity at once,” she hissed. “I will not let you do this.”

Anton stalked toward her, and she retreated. His arousal burned with the knowledge he’d get to prove his point soon. He must be insane, because all he wanted to do was take her in his arms and drug her with passion.

“Querida,” he whispered. “Do not think of it merely as a physical encounter, but as making love instead. We will be sharing not only our bodies, but our souls.”

The wall stopped her from retreating further, and she gasped. Her wide eyes searched for escape, but he closed in on her. He pinned her against the wall and rubbed provocatively against her.

First, he stroked her cheek, then brushed his fingers over her hair, pulling out the blue ribbon holding the bulk of her golden mass together. Waves cascaded over her shoulder, and he threaded his fingers through her glorious tresses. He stroked the silkiness once more before moving his fingers down each arm, continuing over her hips and thighs through her skirts.

“Querida,” he repeated, huskier this time. A craving took over his body, and he gave it free reign. “You are so beautiful, so desirable.”

She pressed her hands against his chest. “Anton, please.” Her breaths came quickly, just as his. The fast rise and fall of her chest showed her excitement. He took one of her hands and brought it to his mouth.

“I want to kiss every inch of your body.” He brushed his lips over her fingertips, and drew each finger into his mouth as he suckled.

“Anton.” Her voice softened.

She would stop him. But he must not let her. Not this time.

Anton turned her hand over and kissed her palm, running his tongue to her wrist. When he looked into her eyes, those golden flecks blazed with passion’s fire. He took her hands and placed them back on his chest, sliding them up and down his torso.

“Touch me, Becca.” Over the erratic beat of his heart, he flattened her hand. “Do you feel that? Can you tell how excited you make me?”

“Antonio—” she mouthed, her lids lowered half-mast, focusing on his lips.

This woman excited him more than any other, and once again, he couldn’t resist her. He placed his mouth over hers, and she opened for his probing tongue. A sigh released from her throat before her tongue mated with his. Although anxiety rushed through him, he also wanted to take it slow. This was her first time, and he didn’t want to hurry the moment.

Keeping his mouth pressed to hers, he shrugged out of his jacket. He hurriedly removed his neck-cloth and unbuttoned his shirt. When he broke the kiss, her attention dipped to his chest as he exposed himself. Excitement surged through him, making him want to continue. Shrugging free of the silk shirt, he let it fall to the floor.

Her hands explored his bare chest, spreading pleasure over him. Pleasure he wanted to drown in. He closed his eyes. Soft, delicate hands touched the muscles on his neck, his breast, then lower to his stomach, only stopping when her palms came to his trousers. Inside the material, his arousal pulsed with anticipation, but she didn’t stray there. Instead, her hands wandered back up, retracing their path.

When her fingers slid over his erect nipples, he opened his eyes. Fascination displayed on her face. Her amber orbs were heated, and she licked her lips. She bent her head and pressed her lips to the small patch of hair on his chest. Groaning, he closed his eyes. Heavy breaths escaped between his teeth, but he let her do with him as she wished.

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