Sunday, October 18, 2009

Emerald City Writers' Conference, Bellevue, WA -

Thanks to the organizers of the Emerald City Writers' Conference and Book Fair last weekend who ordered books and set up tables for 50 authors! Amazing! I sat next to Rosemary Jones, author of several Forgotten Realms books, and met lots of fellow authors. The room was packed. I signed postcards for the MudFlat books, plus copies of my other book. Wow! Felt like a celebrity!

There were a few books left over, so I signed the remaining copies of
Deja Vu Lover and they will be available at University Book Store, Bellevue branch, 888-335-7323 -- they ship anywhere. Also, I tucked a matching bookmark into each copy.

Would you like a Mudflat postcard? Check out my website for my email address and send me your name and address.

- Phoebe

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