Saturday, October 31, 2009

Promo/Excerpt...Deliciously Wicked

When Mena is transported into a strange world, she comes face-to-face with a towering seven foot tall man named Demariak. She can't help the desire that just one look from him sparks in her. When Mena is literally swept off her feet by Demariak and brought back to his home, she experiences things she had only thought about in her most erotic fantasies.

Demariak is the leader of the ZorZack tribe, respected and feared by all who meet him. When an encounter brings him to the beautiful Mena, he can't stop the possessiveness that consumes him with just one look at her. When Mena is thrust into danger and her life hangs by a thread, Demariak will do everything in his power to protect what he has already claimed as his own.
To be released later this year by Siren!!!
Jenika...tales to tantalize

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