Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Logan's Lessons Available Today

Yew Haw! Book 2 of my Sunset Cowboys series, Logan's Lessons is now available at

I'm so excited because Logan is so SUPER HOT!! If you like to line dance, you won't want to miss a class or two taught by this Boot Scootin' cowboy.

Jaelynn-Sue Murphy has a dilemma and less than a week to find the solution. Little does she realize her answer is dancing in front of her, clad in drool-worthy Wranglers and cowboy boots, doing a bump and grind that sends her hormones on a bucking ride to Happy Land.

Teaching line dancing to a barroom of eager couples isn't the way Logan Cartwright planned to spend his evenings. An ailing father, family obligations at the ranch, and a failed engagement landed him on the dance floor at the Double Horn Saloon. Funny thing is he enjoys the hell out of it! He has a real talent for taking old line dancing favorites, sexing them up, and turning them hot, hot, hot. When his dream cowgirl saunters into Sunset, his brain conjures up all sorts of lessons he can't wait to teach her, including how to stay in his life forever.
Jaelynn stood on the edge of the dance floor with Logan and watched as a dozen or more couples shuffled, stomped, and stepped their way across the varnished oak. A DJ had taken up post on a platform to the left of the dance floor shortly after Logan's classes ended and immediately began playing song after song of the most popular country and western music of the decades. Billy Ray Cyrus and his soothing twang blared through the speakers now, wondering where he would live when he got home.


Beside her, Logan squeezed her hand in one of his and slipped his free arm around her waist. He leaned close at her ear, his breath an intoxicating warmth on her flesh as he spoke. "Step to the right, slide the left foot over to touch, another step to the right, another slide, then turn and stomp."

"It's the C. C. Shuffle," she told him and delighted in the surprise that shifted through his eyes. "With the added turn and stomp at the end and all the…" She wiggled her hips and bit the inside of her cheek as the surprise morphed to a desire so instant and potent she felt it all the way to her booted toes. Christ, the man was danger incarnate; dangerous good looks, dangerous body, and an even more dangerous gleam of undiluted male guarantee in his eyes.

"Want to try that with a partner now?" he asked gruffly.

"Only if you promise not to laugh. I've been told I have two left feet. The expression doesn't only apply to men, you know?" She let him lead her to the center of the dance floor and let out an undignified squeak when he caught her hand, spun her around and yanked her back, her front slamming into his.

He buried his face in the side of her neck, his lips brushing her ear lobe. "I teach dance, remember. Believe me, I run across my share of women with two left feet." He started to move, a step to the right, a slide of his left foot, and a repeat of the same. "Just follow my lead."

It seemed awkward at first, doing a dance originally choreographed to be done solo in a single file line. Her steps were actually backward to coincide with his, but the way his body moved against hers, the way he'd bent his knees to bring their groins in perfect alignment for grinding drove her to near orgasm.

"You're doing good." His hands traveled from her hips to her behind, molding to her ass and drawing her closer still.

Her arms were around his shoulders, and she delved her fingers into the hairs at his nape, reveling in the feel of the silky strands. He moaned in her ear, a low grumbling sound that vibrated straight to her center and herded her one gallop closer to release.

Good. He thought she was doing good? He wanted good? She'd give him great. Her feet might have trouble keeping step but she'd never been told her hips possessed a problem.

Jaelynn arched her lower body into him, extending a leg around his as they started the next sequences and grinding her pussy against his thigh.

"Sweet Jesus," he growled, his hands squeezing her ass as he swayed with her, as the heat between them built to boiling.

"Am I doing better now?" Jaelynn teased and added an extra gyration to the turn that rubbed his cock into her heated core at such a perfect moment he would've been inside her sopping channel if not for the barrier of their jeans.

He lifted his head and looked down at her. His eyes grew heavy-lidded, their once milky brown now the color of a Dove double dark chocolate bar. "Sweet thang, you get any better at this and I'm going to want to have my way with you tonight."

"What? You don't want to yet?" She flattened her hands on his broad shoulders and let them travel down his biceps. He was solid muscle beneath her palms. All she could think about in that moment was getting the blasted shirt off of him. She wanted to be skin-to-skin with this man tonight. Now. Forget that she'd just met him. Forget that every fiber of her being screamed at her not to give into the purely carnal urge to fuck. Forget that she'd held herself in check for so very long. She wanted, and nothing had ever stopped her from taking what she wanted in the past. Why let anything start now?

"Oh, I want, babe. I want to take you somewhere and change this vertical dance we're doing to the horizontal mambo."

Jaelynn laughed. "Can you mambo?"

Amusement swam into his gaze. "I can. I bet I can even adapt it to suit."

"You mean you haven't yet?"

"Not that particular one. You'd be a first."

"Then what are you waiting for?"

He sighed, and there was so much agony in the sound her heart actually ached for him. "My place isn't exactly private right now. Unless you're into exhibitionism, then it might be right up your alley. I'm all for kinky now and then, but an audience of family members won't make it easy to get my rocks off." He winced. "Crudely speaking."

"I'll take privacy," Jaelynn stopped dancing. She'd let her hands move between them, her palms skimming over his chest, down his abdomen, his stomach. Christ on a pogo stick, there wasn't an ounce of fat on this man. She licked her lips, her mouth watering, her tongue aching to follow the same path as her hands only lower to feast on his impressive cock. "Like the kind we'll find at my trailer on the rodeo grounds."

He stepped back, his hands moving once again to her hips and holding her at arm's length. The song ended and another began, but he didn't seem to notice. His gaze remained totally focused on her and full of intense concentration. "Are you sure?"

Jaelynn took his hands in hers, all but prying them from her hips and closed the distance he'd put between them. She rose to her toes and leaned in at his ear. "Positive." She licked his lobe and delighted in the tremor that caused his body to slither against her. "Come have your way with me, Mr. Cartwright. I need a few," she sucked his lobe between her teeth, "private lessons."

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