Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two Reader Reviews For Dust and Moonlight

I was pleasantly surprised to find two reader reviews on Goodreads today. It's always nice to hear what anonymous readers think about your book.

Tamela (from Goodreads) rated Dust and Moonlight 4 STARS, 01/20/09

Recommended for anyone who loves a fantastic tale of romance and magic. I have always enjoyed a good tale and Keta sweeps the boards with Dust and Moonlight. The story has everything---sorcerers,wizards and time travel, just enough of the fairytale essence to capture your attention from page 1 and hold you spell bound until the very end.

Her characters are warm, enchanting and believable. The witty and believable banter Keta employs between the characters places the reader right into the midsts of the novel. The vivid imagery makes every moment more and more vibrant and I felt as if I had been transported into a time that was magical.

My kudos to Keta Diablo for her brilliant work of art!

* * *

Leslie from Goodreads gives Dust and Moonlight 5 Stars

Leslie aka hugbandit7 said: "This is a book that combines time travel, romance and mythical lands all in one story. I have always enjoyed time travel but this was a twist where it wasn't to a time or place that we recognize (past or future) but more of an alternate world.

Kira is caught up in tracking down criminals in our world and is suddenly transported to an alternate world where her father was originally from before being transported to this world.

There is the usual twists as in a romance - boy and girl meet, fall in love after denying their feelings for one another, or at least Kira for Balion. This is definitely an e-book worth checking out. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks, Tamela and Leslie -- you made my day!
Keta Diablo

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