Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gardenia, New Atlantis - it begins on January 15...

The New Year has begun and the future begins here...


The story of beginning a new world on a legendary land...
The beginning of a love Sheriff Kalypso Sun Wing never believed was possible for her, especially not after a hundred years on Earth...
The beginning of a love Federal Agent Zryphus has arrived on Earth to find, only he didn’t plan on remaining in a land where women are in charge...

Gardenia, small town/colony in New Atlantis, 2051 ~

“Amazon warrioress paradise,” Zryphus enthused.
His voice, both gravelly and velvet, definitely fluttered her insides.
“Yeah, well, don’t get used to it yet. Not everyone is welcome here as a permanent resident. Coffee?” she asked to change the subject. She’d heard Zerculeons guzzled the stuff. Seeing one of her favorite people, Kalypso waved her inside. “Cora, what perfect timing. Come on in. Thanks, I do need my brew. Meet Agent Vasquoz.”
Taking the mug, she smiled at Cora, then gratefully sipped her chocolate cinnamon brew. For a moment, she shut her eyes and savored. Cradling the bowl-shaped mug, she tossed back her pony tail. It helped ease the tension at the back of her neck.
“Agent, can I get you anything? We have about any ole’ beverage you can imagine here,” Cora tempted, sweet as pecan pie. “I am the hostess with the mostest.”
“Organic, take advantage, Top Dog. Your taste buds will thank you,” Kalypso urged, proud of the town, and the sovereign land she had helped create—so long ago when Atlantis had risen.
“Why come on over here, Agent Vasquoz, I have a short list of what I can get for you.”
Watching him move toward Cora, Kalypso took a large long taste of her brew, and remembered what she would never forget.
Entranced, her spirit soaring with new hope, she’d watched the antediluvian lands emerge from the hurricane-whipped ocean, while hidden in the shadow of a New York City tenement building. Despite the last days of the Conflicts, everyone who could, had paused and stared up at one of the mammoth plasma screens, used for propaganda and mind control.
The whispers of what occurred, had turned to wildfire, and couldn’t be stopped.
Atlantis had risen again.
While she watched the screen, the ground beneath her feet had shuddered, as if the planet was a giant dog shaking off fleas. To prove it was not another shower of buster bombs shaking the remaining cities on the East Coast, the three-day miracle had been shown only as updates, at first.
On the third day, the full land of Atlantis had roared from the seas like Poseidon seeking his former empire. From the islands of Cuba, north to Savannah, Georgia, the antediluvian land shone beneath the breaking sun as a new Atlantis.
At the first glimpse of sun rays touching one peak, and while leviathan waves crashed, spewing enormous sprays of mist, the shudders of destiny had stormed through Kalypso, with all the strength of the spinning rainstorm that still raged over most of the renewed land.
Before any other groups dared to explore, she and her militia, and several other friendly rebel militias, had colonized, agreeing to begin a new country, based on their shared ideals.
Taking another long sip of her brew, Kalypso ended her memories, and observed the Federal Agent through her lowered lashes.


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ ~

~~~ Kalypso & Zryphus invite you to read their love story ~ a match made in intergalactic heaven ~~~

MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY IN GARDENIA, NEW ATLANTIS ~ 2051 suspense futuristic, erotic romance ~ American Title IV finalist ~ releasing from Siren-BookStrand on January 15, 2009 ~ the future begins here...
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