Friday, January 2, 2009


Divided Hearts
[Three Hearts 2]

Karan does not want a mate. Forget that she is the middle daughter of the Goddess Queen Ina and heir to the love goddess's throne. Tonight may be the night of her customary joining celebration but that does not mean she has to accept the man deemed to be her true heart. What she wishes most is to remain single for eternity.
When she finds herself transported through a door between worlds believed to be closed for all time and lands in the magical circle of Eric's casting, she knows she is in trouble. More, she feels that damned pervasive tremor--the sign of destined love--the minute she looks at him. She is determined to ignore the sign but Eric has a different determination in mind. One that will show her pleasures she never imagined and brings the boyishly handsome Cal into her life.

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[Three Hearts 1]
It's custom in the goddess land for a mating celebration to be held when a royal heir comes of age. Aithne is the first of the three demigoddess heirs to reach her joining night, the night she will meet her destined heart. She knows not whom he might be, only that she will feel a pervasive tremor--the sign of destined love--in her heart and body when their eyes meet. When Aithne spots Dustin, everything inside her quivers with desire so intense it leaves her breathless. She has found her true mate in the tall, blond, muscular Fae warrior. But when Hakan, heir to the throne of Tolynn, steps in, her desire spreads to him like a creamy wave. Is it possible to have two fated loves? If not, how will she choose between them?

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