Monday, January 5, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XVIII

“The New Year begins and I feel a distinct unease,” I say to the Heavenly One, who lounges comfortably before the roaring fire. I hand him a mug of hot cocoa, then sit on another chair.
He sips, then smiles his approval. “Marshmallows?” he inquires. In the meantime he wiggles two fingers creating little floating white pillows in his cocoa.
“Yes, please.” I hold out my mug as if he is going to pour some in. Instead he acts like he is tossing them from his fingertips. Tiny clouds float on top of my steaming cocoa. “Cloud marshmallows?” I ask hopefully.
“What else?” He smiles beneficently, then takes a large swallow. “Yes, large cosmic changes are afoot.”
I taste a cloud. It melts like warm ice cream and dissolves like the most exquisite vanilla powder on my tongue. “Wow, thank you.”
“The next one will taste like cinnamon,” he says, delight in his voice.
Before I indulge, I ask, “Do you mean different energies are affecting all of us Earthlings?” I wrap my hands around the large mug appreciating the warmth, then take a long slow sip. Cinnamon and sweetness take over my tongue, along with creamy chocolate. Heaven.
“Yes, there are three energetic forces bombarding the planet Earth. The major one is the most important currently.” He drinks and tastes another marshmallow cloud. “Peppermint,” he announces, his eyes a dark glittery amethyst.
“How so? I assume you mean forces which assist all of us with being more spiritually evolved.” I taste more cocoa and another cloud. “Oooh, caramel. Yum.”
“Actually, it is an opportunity to awaken the third eye. The powers that have been yours in other life incarnations become available as you need them in this life experience.”
“Hmmm...that should be an interesting mixture of psi abilities.”
“It will be,” he promises. Taking another healthy swallow, he savors for several moments.
I raise my eyebrows in question.
“That cloud tasted like the last kiss from my Sedona.”
I smile. Immediately, part of me wishes for my own prince charming cherub.

The following week brings many changes, perhaps, changes in your routine or life style. You will notice first one change will begin, then another will interrupt. Go with the streaming flow of your life as much as possible. Also, while paying attention to the changing flow of your life, intersect with the changing flow of your loved one’s lives in ways that seems most beneficial. Thus, you will connect at new and deeper levels, where your love for each other is expressed more profoundly, and more often. This is the week to take advantage of this loving guiding ray.

Happy New Year & Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

Help Bring in the New Year of 2013...


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Kiss from Savanna Kougar...

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