Monday, January 26, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XXI

My head whirls, a tornadic and chaotic spin from all the stuff of my day. Indeed, any feeling of spirituality has long flown out some invisible door, and disappeared. For now. All day, the internet has been a hellacious trial. Like standing in a line at Wal-Mart with ten people ahead of you, and all of you with carts filled up the brink. Thank goodness, that type shopping experience has lessened to nearly zilch recently.
I blink and think about the Heavenly One. Will he arrive, despite my hell-rendous emotions?
“I am here, beloved one.” I hear his calming voice, see his jovial gleam of eye and smile in my mind...before I see him.
I turn. He floats, partially transparent, then lands and materializes fully.
“The Chinese Year of Earth Ox.” I say...why not in my mood? “What do you think? O Wise Cherub?”
Extending his hand, he opens his palm. A tiny black ox with dangerous-looking horns leaps into the air. Little wings form and the ox struggles to fly, his legs flailing, his neck straining. Bending over, the Cherub blows out a mist which rapidly transforms into a baby cloud. Sailing beneath the desperate-to-soar ox, the cloud begins lifting the ox upwards in a peaceful easy motion.
“Wow.” It’s all I can say as I watch the ox ascend, then gently vanish.
“Ride on the stuff of your dreams this year,” the Cherub says mystically.
“What does that mean?... Build on your dreams with the strength and stability of an ox?”
“Close...beautifully close.” He nods, his gaze beatific. “This is the time to use the cherished dreams of your heart as the focus of each step you take in your life, of each decision you make in building toward a new and sacred stability. This is a new world, vibrationally. Although, it cannot be seen by most. For the old still hides the new potential available to everyone who seeks, and opens the palm of their being to accept it.”
“Perseverance? Steady steps toward your goal?” I ask.
He nods. “Use the power of your knowledge and intuition to move through any obstacle in the steady pursuit of building your dreams.”

For the following week be very aware of anyone who enters your life, especially those who unexpectedly arrive. What they bring could be the answer to your most pressing needs ...or... the exact opposite, bringing exactly what you do not want, and should refuse. The word, no, could be your most valuable word this week. Or, the word, yes, could be your most valuable ally. It is for you to walk carefully and listen with your intellect and your intuition before making any important decision...or, before accepting what someone offers you. Also, a fun opportunity should come your way. Take advantage, despite what else plays out in your life.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


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