Monday, January 5, 2009

Now that you’ve treated everyone else to Christmas, it’s time to chose a good book for yourself. Too late to go to the store?

Download an ebook and hide out with your reader or your laptop. Go straight to ebook online stores, no travel required.

And they are open 24/7 because computer/robot clerks don’t get time off.

If you enjoy urban fantasy, the Mudflat is set in present day Seattle with other world elements. Did you like Harry Dresden or Morganville? Okay, you already have all the books in those series.

So now there is the Mudville series (PG 13). The books combine sword and sorcery action with romance.
The first two titles are:

TARBABY TROUBLE, 2009 Eppie Fantasy Award finalist
WELCOME TO MUDFLAT, BABY, 2009 Eppie Fantasy/Paranormal Romance finalist
Winners will announced at the 2009 national EPIC convention in Las Vegas in March 2009.-

Both available in ebook format at:

Tarbaby Trouble, trade paperback available at:

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