Monday, January 19, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XX

The sun’s blinding light pours through my window, as if Sol can bring light to our dimming world. Soon sunset arrives, blazing the most splendid colors high above the panoramic curving horizon. Flames and shades of pink and tangerine streak parallel to each other, in a display of beauty that transfixes the soul.
“I’ve never seen Sol this enormous and brilliant,” I say to the Heavenly One. He has appeared beside me, holding an object in one hand.
“Yes, it is one part of the Divine Design,” he tells me, then asks, “Why the heavy heart?”
“I wish I could help people.” I face him, gazing into the radiance that is his countenance. His eyes glow, a dazzling purple from on high. “I mean, I wish I could really help all the good people who are suffering for no good reason.”
He nods. “Like Robin Hood of ye olde merry days?”
“Yeah, like that. Only on a much grander scale.”
“You will. Only you won’t know you are.”
“Great. What fun is that?” I quirk a brow. “Besides, aren’t all of us doing that by living our lives the best we can?”
He nods, his smile adding joy to his luminous expression. “A gift from Sol.” The cherub holds up a strange beautiful disc. Deep burnished gold on one side, the other side is an amazing bronze, glinting with rainbows.
“Thank you,” I reverently say, although I have no idea what this gift means.
“Later, I will explain.” After a teasing smile, he vanishes, as bright as the sun.

The following week brings the opportunity for celebration and gaiety. Wherever there is happiness join in, and share in the good news. Smiles mean everything this week. Smiles for any and every reason ~ smiles for those you love ~ smiles for those you pass on the street, or as you go about your daily routine. It may be that you and your family/friends want to sit back and enjoy a movie comedy. A good laugh is what is needed now, for us all. Plus, a good laugh will reveal how to follow your dreams.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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