Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Author Discovery and Review for 'The Twist' by Lee Silver

Would you take an assignment that paid 12 million dollars a week?

Zane of Tollison Consulting is deep in debt and the offer from Clearwater Tabacco seems too good to resist. At first all seems well and Zane strikes up a sparky relationship with Kathy, the clever and cute researcher at Clearwater.

Soon however there are problems. He can't contact his wife Elsie. He's having stomach cramps. He seems to have changed from being right handed to becoming left handed. And those aren't the only changes....

The science in 'The Twist' is fascinating, clearly explained and wonderfully SHOWN. There is also romance and that too is very original and intriguing. The novel has some very interesting and wry things to say about gender and gender roles, with the added spice of danger and threat to life. How will Zane and Kathy escape the traps that are inexorably enclosing them? Lee Silver keeps you guessing right till the end.
All in all, an excellent, engaging novel.


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