Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'Flavia's Secret' Competition!

Today is release day for my Roman historical romance, Flavia's Secret, so here, as promised, is my competition! All the prizes come from the shop at the Roman Baths in Bath itself, where the book is set, and you can see them here.

I'll allow the soap and bath salts competitions to run for three days and the pendant competition to run for a week, to give you plenty of time to join in. There will be two winners each for the soap and the crystals.

OK, here are the questions. First for the soaps and bath crystals, with the winners announced on Friday. Both questions can be answered by reading the extract from Flavia's Secret posted at Bookstrand.

For the Roman Lavender Bath Crystals:

Q. What colour is Marcus' tunic in the opening of Flavia's Secret?

For the Roman Lavender Hand Soaps:

Q. The day before she dies, Flavia's former mistress Lady Valeria goes out alone to the baths. What does Flavia believe Lady Valeria bought from a healer/apothecary there?

For the gold-plated Flavian Pendant, I've chosen a question taken from the text of Flavia's Secret, and you'll have to buy a copy to answer this because the answer is not posted anywhere else. I'll announce the winner of this lovely pendant next Tuesday.

Q. Who is the red-headed toga girl who works in the baths?

Please send your answers to me at lindsaytownsend@yahoo.co.uk with your email address. My husband will draw the winning entries out of a hat and I'll be in touch for your snailmail address so I can mail on your prize.

Good luck and happy reading!

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