Monday, October 31, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #165

“It is beginning. The quakes. The changes.” He pauses, and an ominous heaviness surrounds me. “At this time, Earth is being protected in many ways by humanity’s celestial brethren. However, not in all ways. For, they are forbidden.”

“Forbidden,” I echo in a whisper, yet I am beyond-grateful Earth is being partially protected. “Amen-Dhuroth.” His name is the very breath of my body.”

“Dhuroth, my beloved. That is the name I wish to hear from your beautiful lips.”

Inside I tremble. “Dhuroth.”

There is a natural silence between us before my anxiety takes over.

“You are mine for longer than I dared hope,” he rumbles tenderly. “Is that not what Volcano told you?”

“He did. How did you know?”

“Once I completed my mission, I heard Volcano’s message in my mind, my Sh’raka. I cannot tell you how high my heart winged.”

“Heart winged,” I murmur, beautifully lost in his poetic words, in what I am feeling from him. Yet, fear rears its ugly head.

“Oh, what now?” I press my cheek against the immovable strength of his chest. “I want to be with you. Yet, I’m an emotional mess... I mean I never anticipated being with anyone... ever again. And... well, I don’t know...”

“Shush,” he gently rasps. “We will find our way together. As we once found our way to each other , then lived as everlasting lovers. I promise.”

“Oh, I hope so. I’m so confused when it comes to relationships... and...”

“First things first, beloved. My appetite is raging. We’ll go dine lavishly, and I believe rest is in order for both of us. Also, my duties to Mars are ongoing. I must keep a lion’s eye out for where and when I am needed. As you were protected in my absence, so you will always be protected.” Dhuroth separates us a bit and touches my forehead with a kiss. “And I will always return.”

His fingers claim my chin and our gazes meet. He studies me for several long seconds. “I have a monitoring screen that televises whatever occurs on Earth. Will that be some comfort to you?”

I nod, feeling utterly surreal. “Yes, despite the dark state of things.”

“Then, you will be able to interpret events as I am not.”

“Some, yes. But my understanding only goes so far.”

He gives me an amused grin. “Your understanding and analysis will be invaluable. Already, I feel it, my Sh’raka. As you once guided our people, so it will be again.”

His words while inspiring some part of me, also hit like lead weights. “Did I guide true then?” I ask, shaking inside with anxiety.

“It is why we are on Mars now. You, and a few others of impeccable wisdom.”

Simultaneously, I feel a wonderful high, yet the expectation seems way too heavy. “I hope...” I begin.

Dhuroth shakes his head slightly to halt the direction of my words and thoughts. “You are here now. Your strength, your nature will live free once more, and know respect again.” He smiles, so like a lion I am in awe and I want to hug his neck. “Yes, my beloved,” he continues. “It will take time to recover the whole of yourself. That is the way of all things.”



During this pivotal week for all of humanity, a new level of POWER is Rising like the Phoenix. Consider this cosmic shower of power to be like the hammer of Thor. Know too, this vibration is up for grabs, and can be used for a good purpose or for a bad purpose.

Thus, it becomes more important than ever to claim your own personal power, and use it to better your life, and the lives of others. As well, at this time, all of your issues around power will surface.

Now is the time to clean house, rid yourself of your emotional and psychological issues, and learn how to wield your power effectively. Now is the time to bring the hammer down where needed.

In the continuing horrific drama that is the worldwide economy, look for even more surprises -- a crash here, a crash there. It is advisable at this juncture to remove your funds from any bank that is faltering.

However you can prepare for winter, do so now. Possible power outages are a real danger as was demonstrated earlier in the year by the outage in the southwest that cascaded through southern California. It is likely there will be excessive snow and ice in some areas of the country this winter, so stocking up on necessities is a wise move.

Likely during the midweek a ‘high strangeness’ event will occur. This event will be suppressed. However, there will be news leaks and exposure via the internet.

At this point in time, a band of journalist renegades will rise to more prominence. All while the current crop of TV and newspaper reporters will fade in popularity. This is because, in part, many will no longer identify with traditional newscasters.

It’s a new day and age in America proper. Every despicable tactic and psi op will be used to stop this demand for freedom and equality by the American people. The levels of violence will escalate, and the time is near where choices must be made similar to the Revolutionary War era.

Remember, Magick is now at your fingertips. Tune into the vibration, and follow your Inner Knowing. This attunement is vital to continue the new surging Renaissance, and also for creating your future.

Trendwise, this is a tricky week. Magick, Power, getting prepared for the realities of winter -- that said, everything related to becoming more magickal and more personally powerful will be what is desired. Plus, folks will be looking for everything and anything that will get them through the winter ahead.

This is a good week to make certain family, friends and good neighbors are getting prepared for the winter and the times ahead. Also, establish ways to communicate if the normal channels are down.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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