Monday, October 17, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #163

Marvessa places her palms together, and steeples her fingers as she observes my expression. “Here, you will develop those ‘magickal’ abilities. It is in what you call DNA. Which only requires activation.”

“Activation,” I murmur. “Those abilities are being activated on Earth... the soulless ones either want total control or they plan to hunt down those who develop them, activate them.”

“Yes. That is why I have come to Mars. My people, the Djinn are being trapped, forced to serve those you call the soulless ones.”

Why Marvessa’s revelation doesn’t really surprise me... well, I am becoming jaded. Fast. Very fast. Over the high levels of corruption and evil on Earth.

“I am sorry about your people. Are they being helped?” I ask, then realize my question is clumsy, but well-intentioned.

Marvessa’s eyes cloud, and I see the pain in their depths. “It is difficult. Even with the light of the heavens shining upon All, and increasing rapidly, the energies of Earth are still too dense.” She pauses for an instant, her gaze even more pained. “The vibrational matrix is being kept so by those who manipulate the mystical grid, or the ley lines. The Dark Siders as we call them are using the pyramids as points of power.”

I straighten fast, completely riveted by her words. Alarms clang inside me, loud and fierce. “Pyramids as points of power... how are they being used?”

“Those who are often referred to as the New World Order globalists have stolen many forms of extraterrestrial technology, ancient and current. They have a machine inside several of the pyramids which interlocks these points of power.”

“I had no idea.” Stunned, I continue, “I was hoping the pyramids would be used for good. Were being used for good.”

“Once, as Amen-Dhuroth will explain, the Pyramids or Sky Temples as we call them, were used to enhance the spiritual side of humanity. Now the power is being used to dampen and warp the new energies. This dampening is also being achieved by what you call chemtrails.”

“No surprise there.” I shudder inside at the sheer horror. “God knows what they label “aerial spraying” has dumped all sorts toxins on us, on Mother Earth. It’s poisoning the Earth.”

Marvessa’s eyes flare angrily. Her expression reminds me of a warrioress. “The Great Mother is battling back. I assure you.”

“I sure hope so,” I echo her righteous tone. “Because that’s some of the best news I’ve heard recently.”



For the following week ‘deception’ on a grand scale will be the name of the global game. Those who own the worldwide microphone will do ALL to convince humanity ‘they’ are on our side. But, look behind the curtain, and notice the emperor has no clothes.

Now begins the Rise of the Warrioress. As we move toward the year, 2012, the inner warrioress will make herself known, and women will take on leadership roles as never before in recorded history. Most of these roles will not be establishment, but anti-establishment.

At this time, the spirit of the Amazon warrioress has arrived from the mists of that lost age to live once again on Earth. Women warriors, and those Souls who have lived previous lives as Amazon warriors, will be shifting into that mind set, and bringing it forth to the world.

Of course, ‘those’ on the dark side who control the system, will continue to present their FALSE women warriors in the hopes that they will lead us all astray. Discernment between the real warrioress and the imitator will become invaluable.

During the latter part of the week a series of rapid-fire events will occur. These mostly staged events are designed to cause humanity to fall into a state of despair. While this result will be achieved to a certain degree, in the end it will backfire in a spectacular way.

On the economic front, this week is about surprises -- the good, the bad, the ugly. More vital to us All, is the new dynamic entering the picture. This will be the renegade factor. That is, those of bold imagination are taking hold of the economic reins, and are galloping toward a new horizon.

Trendwise, this is the week of the ‘individual’. Whatever enhances someone’s individual expression will be sought after. Because of this continuing trend, the time of mass marketing is finished, but will likely die a lingering death.

Instead of fitting into society, what now occurs is a time of ‘fitting’ society to each human being. However, be aware this is a very long process, and the soulless ones will use every evil to stop it.

This week weather could be a major problem for some. As always, prepare for the worst, and be glad whenever it doesn’t happen.

Also, if you are able, offer a loving hand to someone in distress. Such love is the gateway to ALL GOOD.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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