Monday, October 24, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #164

Marvessa’s eyes flare angrily. Her expression reminds me of a warrioress. “The Great Mother is battling back. I assure you.”

“I sure hope so,” I echo her righteous tone. “Because that’s some of the best news I’ve heard recently.”

I sense it a micro-second before it occurs. The ground shakes beneath me. For long moments I am rocked back and forth, me and the dogs rolling against each other. Simultaneously, I glimpse Marvessa sway but remain standing.

“Earthquake,” I shout. Since I don’t appear to be in any real danger... nothing falling or crashing, I yell, “Mars quake!”

“Yes, my beloved.” In moments that feel like slow motion, my lion man sweeps me against his massive chest. He holds me close, wrapping himself around me protectively. “We are safe, my Sh’raka. My home has been built to withstand the coming quakes.”

As the ground continues to tremble beneath us, I cling to Amen-Dhuroth finally know what it is to be truly wanted. “Oh, I’m so glad you’re here. Safe,” I add, then hug his neck tighter.

We hold each other in silence, in an intimacy I feel with each beat of my heart. Even as the floor trembles beneath us, and eventually lessens, our silence owns the room.

“Coming quakes?” I finally ask, as I lift my head from the hollow of his shoulder.

“Yes, Nibiru has completed its orbit around the sun. This time the Destroyer will not be devastating to Mars as it passes.” He brushes my hair back, his touch so gentle, so possessive that I know I am his woman.

“Earth?” I ask with trepidation. My heart races.

“It is beginning. The quakes. The changes.” He pauses, and an ominous heaviness surrounds me. “At this time, Earth is being protected in many ways by humanity’s celestial brethren. However, not in all ways. For, they are forbidden.”

“Forbidden,” I echo in a whisper, yet I am beyond-grateful Earth is being partially protected. “Amen-Dhuroth.” His name is the very breath of my body.”

“Dhuroth, my beloved. That is the name I wish to hear from your beautiful lips.”



For the following week, the New Moon will signify a huge shift in human consciousness. As a ‘whole’, humanity will begin to *see* and awaken to the many ‘truths’ that have been kept hidden by the dark powers that be. One of these ‘truths’ will involve the moon and space travel.

Once this AWARENESS-SHIFT takes on steam, it will gather momentum like a steam engine racing downhill, then steam roll across the globe. The future ramifications of this major shift are varied and many-fold. An immediate result will be seen in how the Occupation movement changes direction.

Once again, the global economic crises will take center stage for part of the week. Behind the scenes there is a battle for supremacy being waged. Those who favor the full implosion of the economy versus those who want to keep the system limping along through the year, 2012.

From this point forward, opposition to the current economic policies will flare up, and bartering-trading communities will spring up like mushrooms. As well, the con artists will be out in force fleecing anyone and everyone they can. Beware!

This week there is the possibility that one of the biggest internet search engines will take a tumble. That is, some of their dirty dealings will be exposed. The plan is in motion with about a seventy percent of success.

Of key importance this week, the border war is ‘on’ between those who want to keep the sanctity of the nation, and the ‘soulless ones’ who want NO borders -- except as a means to control the population. For the immediate future this will remain a hidden war.

On a personal level, this is a time when the curtain parts, and realms unseen by most of us, come into sharper focus. Enjoy this ‘magickal’ look at another reality. More importantly, learn. For there are valuable lessons now that will serve you later -- lessons in a magickal, more natural way of living.

Also, during this season of the witch, one of the main players behind the establishment curtain will be exposed, and eliminated as a threat to humanity.

Trendwise, this week is about the powerful sexual and erotic energies swirling around us all. There will be *no* ONE way to express these bold, all-pervasive energies. Instead, a prism-like diversity will occur. Out of this vibrational onslaught a counter-culture will arise that is based on new expressions of sexuality, love and passion.

Remember, right now magick is the very air around you, the very air you breath. Inhale, savor and discover your magickal self.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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