Wednesday, October 12, 2011

99 cent specials

The Mudflat folks keep turning up in short stories. And thru October Nine Horoscope-in-Catsup Stories joins Tarbaby Trouble as a 99 cent special.
(Order Tarbaby Trouble right here at BookStrand. The anthology is available thru Amazon and B&N)

A writer friend mentioned that zombies were the next hot protagonists for romance novels and I tried to get my head around the idea of anyone romancing a zombie. First I pictured meeting a zombie. What's the pick-up line? Literally. Maybe, "Excuse me, you seem to have dropped something. Is that your ear on the floor?"

Next, what do I say to pursue the relationship after the zombie picks up his ear (you didn't think I would pick it up, did you? Ick.) "I'm having a group of friends over on Saturday to do craft projects. We have a variety of strong glues."

Or, to check his food preferences, I could say, "I am having a party for a bunch of my brainless friends. Would you like to join us?" If he answers, "Nothing there I want," I have to consider that a strong and scary clue.

After considering all the possibilities, the best I could do was a very short story. It sold to Pill Hill Press for their Rotting Tales Anthology. And now it is included in my Nine Horoscope-in-Catsup collection. Most of the stories in this ebook were originally published in magazines or anthologies and all deal with Mudflat characters.

My zombie story is titled Lorna Doomed because if I can't use a pun for a zombie story, where can I use one? I thought about writing a complete novel of Lorna's sorrows, but such difficult thinking gave me a migraine and I had to give up. Sorry, Lorna.

Link to Kindle or nook for anthology, 99 cents thru Oct 31

Phoebe Matthews

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