Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer is almost over!

Living in Dallas, this summer has been long and hot. Even though I am a lover of the sun, I'm ready for autumn. Cooler evenings will be such a nice change from the take-your-breath-away furnace we've been living with.

I'm also looking forward to having fewer distractions to keep me from my desk this time of year. I plan on really buckling down and writing during this respite between fun-in-the-sun months and the winter holidaze (yes, that's how I spell it - LOL!).

Also, I want to say thanks to the Siren readers for the wonderful response to CAPTIVATION my latest book. The emails I've gotten have been such a thrill.

If you get a chance, drop by Book Junkie (Click Here) tomorrow. I'm her guest poster.

Dream Big!



Tina said...

Hi Kris, yep its me your stalker lol. You would have loved it here today sunny skies and a beautiful 72 degrees !! I love fall !!!!Does this mean I can expect more books soon?*fingers crossed*

Kris_Cook said...

Tina - Yes. I promise.