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Super busy after the great weekend with Shayla Black and Sophie Oak. Ate Japanese food, devoured snacks - candy, chips, crakers, etc..., and each of us plotted an entire erotic romance book. Woohoo! Anyway - thought I'd share an excerpt from my book THREE TO PLAY (mmf). I must admit that Clint and Dustin are two of my favorite heroes and Beth helps them open up to each other... and also to her:

Another excerpt and info page (CLICK HERE)


Clint put his hands up to his face. The memory of that night overwhelmed him.

“What happened, Clint?” Beth touched his shoulder.

“My grandfather caught us kissing. He jerked the boy up out of the bed, and told me to stay put. I heard my grandfather beat the boy. When the screams died down, my grandfather came back alone. He glared at me. Then told me to go to sleep before slamming the door.”

“What happened to the boy?”

“From my window, I saw him walking to the road. I wanted him to look back, but he didn’t. I never saw him again. Two months later, I left for Portland and never returned.”

Beth choked out, “My God, you’ve carried that all these years.”

He never shared any of that with anyone. And while telling them, tears flowed out of his eyes like a dam bursting. He felt the salty tracks they left on his cheeks. He felt like he’d run a marathon.

“What happened to that fucking grandfather of yours?” Dustin spat out. “I’d be happy to take the old man out.”

“Too late, Dustin. My youngest sister found me about two years ago. She called me the day before his funeral to tell me the old man died.”

“You were only thirteen when you left for Portland.” Beth’s eyes were bright red and tears fell freely from her eyes. “Did you have other family there?”

“No. I could pass myself off as eighteen. That’s when I got my first job in radio. I worked overnights at a little station.”

Dustin looked at him. “You’ve been carrying that for a long time.”


Beth moved in close, her face inches from his. She kissed the tear remnants on his cheeks. “So, is that why you froze when Dustin touched your shoulder?”

“Yes.” Clint felt like a deflated balloon.

“You were scared that Dustin would realize you’re in love with him?”

“Yes, I’m in love with Dustin.” Clint finally said it out loud.

Had he made a mistake?

It was one thing to tell his tale of pain, but another to admit to the secret of his love for Dustin. Clint feared how Dustin might react.

He didn’t expect reciprocation sexually. He’d seen Dustin’s skill in the bedroom. He didn’t believe that his friend’s tastes ran to the man-on-man variety. Clint also didn’t expect an equal return emotionally, though he and Dustin had been close for years. Would his admission of love end their friendship? Clint’s gut seized into a knot.

“I thought that might be the case.” Dustin’s stare pierced his very center.

That he suspected astonished Clint. “You did? How long have you known?”

“A while,” Dustin nodded, “though you should call me dense. Before Friday night with Beth, I was never certain.”

“Really?” Clint couldn’t get his head around it.

Dustin smiled broadly. “Yes.”

“And you’re okay with that?” A lump grew in Clint’s throat.

“I’m more than okay with it. Friday night blew me away. But I promise, tonight will be even more incredible.” Dustin squeezed Clint’s thigh tightly.

Heat shot into Clint’s already lengthened cock from the Dustin’s touch. Beth leaned in and kissed along Clint’s jaw. Her hand went to his other thigh. A rhythmic thrum grew inside him. As he moved in closer, Clint could feel Dustin’s hot breath on his neck. It sparked all the nerve endings on his skin to life down to his cock.

“I understand why you two might want to console me, make me feel better. My story is tough to listen to. But I don’t expect that. Besides, Dustin, I doubt you’ve ever—”

“Don’t bet on that.” Dustin shook his head. “I don’t have much experience, but I did have a couple of semesters in college where I experimented with just about anything offered. One guy offered quite a bit.”

Clint thought the admission would’ve been a shock to him. But it wasn’t. Dustin’s bring-it-on attitude was part of his charm. But a college fling was just that—a fling. It would be best not to move forward, especially if Dustin only considered this as a kind of intervention therapy for a friend. The thought stopped him cold. Down this path heartbreak was inevitable, and he’d had his fill of that.

“Clint, please don’t be afraid.” Beth squeezed in closer.

Did she wonder if he’d only been with her Friday so that he could get close to Dustin? That wasn’t true. Clint desired Beth. Everything about her bewitched him, and he’d fallen completely in love with her.

She helped him accept his other desires. Passion for a man’s muscled touch on him—Dustin’s touch. He wanted both of them and in the most sinful of ways.

“I know what it’s like to be afraid.” Beth leaned over Clint and took Dustin’s hand by the wrist.

He craved them both. But at what cost? Though Dustin said that tonight would be incredible, what did that mean? A night in the sack, followed by a sunrise of regrets?

“You two don’t have to do this.”

“No, we don’t. But we want to do this.” Dustin leaned into him. “And Clint, most of all, I want to do this because I want you to be happy for once in your life.”

A flood of euphoria washed over Clint. He could no longer resist Dustin and Beth.

“Do you trust us?” Beth’s eyes sparkled.

God, she amazed him. “Yes.”

Clint’s heart pounded against his ribs. For years, that memory of his grandfather jerking up the boy from his bed imprisoned Clint. He’d been running from himself for so long. He cut off half of himself ever since he left that farm. Now, he purged the old bastard from his mind with the help of these two incredible people, willing to explore with him the other half of his sexuality.

Beth lifted Dustin’s hand and guided it to Clint’s bulge. Dustin squeezed Clint’s dick through the fabric of his pants. Something akin to a lightning bolt ripped through Clint.

“We’re really going to do this.” Clint looked from Beth to Dustin.

Both their eyes danced with lust. Then Clint looked down at Dustin’s shorts and spotted his rock-hard cock.

“Yes, we are definitely going to do this.” Dustin’s mouth enveloped Clint’s earlobe, sending rivers of hot lava through him.

Clint’s arousal exploded to the stratosphere. “I’m not sure what to—”

Dustin interrupted his sentence with a full-on kiss.

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