Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A ride I am going to enjoy

It has been just a bit over a month since the release of WE CAN LOVE AGAIN. What a fabulous feeling it is just as any newly published author would realize. This is the culminating time of hard, but enjoyable work with many late nights of imaginative writing and meticulous editing, all resulting with a few jitters before pressing the send button with the final approval copy.

WE CAN LOVE AGAIN is a mainstream romantic fiction about overcoming grief, rediscovering love and passion, and the importance of family. I am thrilled to mention The Romance Studio has reviewed WE CAN LOVE AGAIN with a rating of 4 ½ hearts.

When I write a novel, I tend to create genuine, relatable characters you’ve known all your life, or so it may seem. Thank you to Siren Bookstrand for including me in your family of talented authors. This is a ride I am going to enjoy!

Donna Marie

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