Friday, September 10, 2010

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“Kronos, you have to trust me. She’s still closed to us. I’ve seen how she responds to your tenderness, but it isn’t enough. You know that, too.”

Kro didn’t say a word, but she suspected he agreed with him.

Nash continued, “She’s too strong, too closed for that to work.”

“I’ve known you for many decades, first blade. I think I know where you’re going with this.”

Eve felt her blood pressure rising. “I don’t. I also don’t care for being talked about by two guys like I’m not in the room.”

“I’m never unaware of your presence.” Nash studied her for a moment then continued, “But you need to be peeled back. Those layers are so thick and old that you can’t break free of them yourself.”

“Let’s do it your way, Nash.” Kro stood like a matador heading to the ring. “It has to work.”

“It will, angel.”

“Do I have any say here or not?” But she already knew the answer.

Nash leaned over and kissed her. “Eve, you leave everything to us.”

Kro squeezed her thigh. “We can’t just get her power activated. She also has to bind to us.”

“She will.” Nash’s confidence thrilled her. Her body was already buzzing and on the edge.

Before she could interject with an argument, he gently pushed her, fixing her back to the bed. She shivered as he tied her up with the sheet strips he’d used before.

“Strip her, Kronos.”

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