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Destiny Blaine's Winning Virgin Devotion is Coming Soon to Siren Publishing

I’m thrilled to announce Winning Virgin Devotion is coming soon to Siren Publishing. For those of you who enjoy the Winning Virgin series, please watch my blog for updates at In the meantime, here’s a taste of what you can expect in Winning Virgin Devotion:

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The following PG-13 clip is taken from an unedited version of Winning Virgin Devotion:

When they landed at Miami International, Irisa asked, “Where are we going?”

A good start, Richart mused, since she formed a complete sentence and expected some sort of interaction since she asked a question. She even took out her earphones when she made the inquiry, an indication she planned on listening for his reply.

“We’re headed to the Sabbat boat.”

“Oh, cool,” she said, flippantly. Then, she stuffed her plugs back in her ears.

Walking through the airport, Richart noticed what a ladies’ man his son truly was. He had that swagger down. Confidence was one thing. Cocky as all hell was another. Shit, he should’ve been Gabriel’s son.

When they reached the curb, Richart waved for a taxi. Irisa turned up her nose.

“Is there a problem?” Richart asked, opening the door.

“You can’t expect me to ride in one of these,” she snarled her nose, and this time, didn’t remove the earplugs. In fact, she turned the music up so loud he could even hear the lyrics.

Samuel slid across the bench seat and said, “So this is the way the mortals live!”

Irisa studied her fingernails. She didn’t budge from the sidewalk.

Richart tugged at the white cord attached to the earpieces. “Irisa, we’re only going about five miles. I need you to get in the car, please.”

“I’m not riding in that,” she said.

Richart knelt down and said, “Yes, you are.” He straightened his back and felt rather proud of the way he exerted his parental authority until she yanked his sleeve.

“Uh, no, I’m not.” Smugly, she stuffed the earplugs back in her small ears and hailed a limousine.

“She’s serious?” Richart asked, leaning down.

“Looks like it,” Little Samuel confirmed, retrieving his shades from the backpack and sliding them over his eyes. “How do I look? Normal? Human?” He flashed his pointed teeth and laughed.

The driver of the cab checked out his rearview mirror and grinned. “Nice teeth, kid. Where’d you get them?”

“Uh, Sammy, we’re going with your sister.”

“Sammy? Okay, that works. And no, I like this ride. Besides, Irisa always gets her way, damn it. Let’s move around town like the mortals.”

The driver turned around and said, “Aren’t you taking this vamp thing a little too far? That ain’t no way to talk to your pappy, kid.”

A hiss filled the car and Richart, recognizing his volatile son had too much testosterone to manage on his own, grabbed Little Samuel from the car. “We’re taking another car,” he informed the driver, shoving a crisp twenty dollar bill in his hand.

Richart quickly shuttled the children in another direction, thankful they could hitch a ride without too much commotion, no thanks to his daughter. Once inside the limousine, he said, “Let’s get one thing straight, kids. I’m in charge.”

Samuel’s teeth dropped and Richart glared straight ahead, opting to ignore the boy. After taking a minute to harness his temporary loss of control, he told the driver, “Take us to Haulover Beach.”

“You got it,” he sang.

Richart hit the button for the divider window and quickly made a decision. He concentrated on those damning fangs his son wanted to show off and decided to match him. When his sharp elongated teeth fell, he said, “Try that again and so help me, I’ll ground your ass.”

“Nice,” Irisa drawled with a lot of exaggeration. “Looks like we’re going to have a lot of fun with dear old Dad.”

Other news to share: Breakfast by the Sea, a romantic suspense MFMMM novel with western elements has been contracted by Siren Publishing. Watch or for more details.

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