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Angelic Forecast ~ #104

Time out for this *sweet heat level* scene between Sedona and Volcano, my heroine and hero in WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS. Since I always enjoy revisiting my Happily Ever After couples, I took advantage of a blogging opportunity to write this *summer recipe* scene.

Despite the devastation to Earth that occurred before and during 2012, Volcano is always asking his Sedona to recreate her recipes for him to try out, especially when they are together in their mountain cabin. Volcano’s ability to use manna ingredients makes this possible, of course.

Featured in the following scene is one of my favorite summer treats of all time.

The Romance of Creamy Fruit Kisses

Summer, 2013

Sedona marveled at the bright, nearly blinding light of the late afternoon sun. Sol’s rays captured the mountaintops making them appear like a distant shimmering land, one inhabited by fairytale characters.

Smiling, she shaded her eyes and luxuriated in the full sunlight. Sedona still had trouble believing the Earth had recuperated this quickly from all of the horrors inflicted upon her.

Silently blessing the Mother, she closed her eyes and let Sol’s healing light saturate her entire body. Two decades ago, she’d been a sun worshiper of sorts – laying in the sun even though her skin was fair – spending lots of time outdoors, gardening.

Sedona spun in slow motion absorbing all the glorious, golden-tinted rays.

“My Sundance Angel,” Volcano crooned from the back door of their cozy cabin.
Halting, she gave him a flirtatious smile. After all the timbre of his voice did the most delightfully wicked things to her. “I know what you want, you bad boy cherub.”

“The sweet cream of your body beneath mine?”

His tease had her playfully rolling her shoulders and giving him a smirk. “No, you want the sweet cream fruit salad I promised to make.”

With a careless move, he folded his arms and leaned lazily against the door frame. His smile beamed toward her, brighter in its own way, than the lowering sun.

“You win. You win.” Sedona strode toward him, her steps feeling ethereal, as if she danced on sunbeams. “Is the manna scintillating?”

Volcano moved before her. A hunk to be reckoned with, he stopped her entry into the kitchen. “The manna store is open, my woman. I have set out the bowls and the mixer.”

“I’ll give you credit, you do make it easy to give you what you want. Now, get out of my way, unless you want me to kiss you senseless.” Sedona heard her tone as way too dreamy – not commanding at all. She frowned.

As he allowed her inside, Volcano’s gaze met hers. Their intimate feelings for each other flared, hot and intense.

“After.” His growled promise shuddered through her.

Pivoting smartly, Sedona walked toward the counter where the bowls waited. “Strawberries, fresh and plump, please.” Her eyes widened fast as she recalled how he’d passionately used the word strawberry during their lovemaking. She added, “Don’t you say it.”

“At your manna service, my Sedona.”

From the corner of her eye, she watched him wave his hand in a gallant fashion. The ripe red strawberries appeared before her. Their delectable perfume enticed her to sample, but she didn't.

Instead, she shut her eyes for an instant, inhaling, then picked up the knife and began slicing the berries into the largest bowl. Joining her, Volcano did his share. “I do love how helpful you are, Mr. Sexy Kitchen Man. Next, I need some manna pineapple...”

She’d barely spoken it before the gorgeous whole pineapple appeared. Volcano held it up for both of them to admire. Again, the sweet-as-candy smell had her breathing deeply, had her filling her nostrils.

Volcano set the prize pineapple on the cutting board, then swept up a large knife and in under a minute he had the yellow fruit exposed. Soon, they both cut the juicy strips into smaller pieces, adding them to the strawberries.

“Bananas,” Sedona instructed. She licked the scrumptious pineapple juice off her fingers.

Volcano’s heated gaze caught her mid-lick. “Bananas,” he repeated, all too meaningfully.

Caught off guard for seconds, she blinked. “If you want a satisfied banana later, behave.”

Grinning in that seductive way of his, the one Sedona adored, Volcano raised his hand and opened his palm. Two luscious ripe bananas appeared.

“That’s better.” Snatching the nearest one, Sedona peeled it. Slicing the beautiful length of fruit, she added the thin pieces to the main bowl. The banana’s aroma enchanted her as much as the combined scents of strawberry and pineapple. Uplifted by the sight and smell of the cut fruit, she sighed with happiness. “Oh, I am loving this manna fruit.”

“And I’m loving you,” Volcano huskily whispered near her ear.

“Oh, oooooh... you’re distracting a woman with a knife in her hand.”

“You whip the cream, my precious woman. I’ll cut up this banana.” Volcano gently removed the paring knife from her fingers, and they switched positions.

Mentally shaking herself, Sedona ignored her lusty yearnings. “The celestial cows do give the best cream.” Dipping in a fingertip, she relished the thickness, then tasted the tiny bit on the end of her finger. “Yum... even without the vanilla and honey in it yet.”

“Yum,” Volcano echoed in a rasp.

Making herself focus, Sedona took hold of the seventies style portable mixer, preparing to whip the cream. “Slice,” she reminded. ‘Oh, and add some cloud flavoring.”

“How about pink sunset cloud?”

“Yes, oh yes.” Turning the mixer on high, Sedona created her own brand of magic, patiently whipping the cream in the cold bowl as she’d done since her teenage years.

“Dribble some honey on the fruit and stir?” Volcano asked, reaching for the honey bear container they kept on the counter.

“Mind reader,” she accused. “Yes, please. Then you can put in a splash of vanilla. The cream is beginning to stiffen... just right.”

Keeping one eye on the peaking, snowy-white cream, Sedona observed the deft way Volcano stirred the fruit. “Perfect,” she praised, then lowered the mixer’s speed.

Volcano poured in about half a teaspoon of the pure vanilla they’d found in a deserted warehouse recently. “Ready for the honey, honey?” he playfully asked.

“Ready.” After slowing the mixer’s speed even more because the peaks had become noticeably higher, Sedona positioned the bowl for him. The thin line of dark golden honey Volcano carefully squeezed onto the cream gradually changed the color to a richer, slightly amber shade.

“Enough.” Sedona turned off the mixer and set it down. “I’ll give it the taste test.” Before she could scrape a bit from the edge of the bowl, Volcano held out his whipped cream covered fingertip.

“Bad, bad Mr. Kitchen Man,” she murmured throatily. The blaze of his dark purple eyes held her in sensual thrall as she slowly sucked the cream from his finger.

Cocooned by their passion, they gazed into each others’ eyes, and remained motionless, that is, until Volcano leaned toward her. He pressed a swift sweet kiss on her lips.

Turning, he placed the bowl of ambrosia fruit near the whipped cream. “May I?”

Sedona reined in her rampant desires. “You’re so good at stirring, why not? However, you need to fold the cream into the fruit... like I showed you.”

Big spoon in hand, he waited for her to scoop out the whipped cream. Once she’d scraped the bowl clean with the soft spatula, he carefully blended the fruit and the whipped cream together.

As she watched, the whipped cream became delicate pink in color. Sedona loosed a sigh and allowed her good memories to surface. Once she'd released the beaters from the mixer, she took her time licking one of them clean.

“Done. And well done, handsome.” She offered the other beater to him.

With his usual irrepressible joy, Volcano made short work of it. He collected hers placing them both in the sink.

Sedona bent over the bowl and drew in the tantalizing ephemeral aromas of cream, strawberries, pineapple and bananas. “That does smell divine.”

“Heavenly because your love is one ingredient, my beautiful woman.” Volcano slipped the spoon in, presenting the first bite to her.

Sedona savored the spoonful, closing her eyes. “Yum, double yum. Manna ingredients are the best.”

When she opened her eyes, the fierce glow of his gaze caused her to sizzle deliciously. With her body molten desire, she moved close, and took the spoon from his hand.

Twisting at the waist, she scooped up a generous portion and slowly brought it to his lips. “Taste.”

Sedona watched him enjoy. It was as though he relished every particle. “Is the cloud flavor to your liking?” she breathy-inquired, and knew her eyelids were at half-mast.

Volcano swept her against him, hard. The spoon clattered on the floor. Sedona wrapped her arms around his neck as he planted a long swashbuckling kiss on her lips.

Only gradually did their mouths untangle. Volcano loosened his hold, but kept her embraced, tenderly rocking her.

“You taste exquisite, like cloud ambrosia, my beloved Sedona.”

Standing on tiptoe, Sedona clung brushing her lips against his for what felt like endless moments. “Nothing like the romance of creamy fruit kisses. Let’s eat, handsome.”


For the following week, the Dark Side hits hard and fast on several fronts, ‘most’ of them monetary in nature. The current goal is to ‘force’ a one world economy, a company-store system no one can escape. Or, the idea is to ‘owe your soul to the global company store’, at all times.

Look for new ways to barter and to create your own community economy. Right now, all the heavenly vibes are assisting you toward this goal. Like never before, it is time to connect with like-minded neighbors and friends. Whenever you are able to do so, support your local businesses. Wherever you can, if you need to, homestead.

Also, the coming winter will be brutal for a lot of us. While the weather is good, it is wise to begin stocking up and to make your circumstances as self-sufficient as possible. Make certain to store water. For those in cold climates, an alternative energy source is a good thing to have this year.

On a brighter note, there is a new energy streaming down from the angelic realm in concert with the Aquarian Age. The revival the human spirit and the renaissance of humanity is here. Creativity and invention now rule our realm.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

Warning!!! The global elite [New World Order] does not want *you* to read this book. See ~ Powerful Dreams at my Kougar Kisses blog.


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