Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mind-Blown's First Review!

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I awoke to find an awesome review on my steamy Sci-Fi Romance BookStrand release, Mind-Blown.
Here are a few words from Nights and Weekends Reviews:

This romantic thriller caught me by surprise. At first, it appears to be a simple workplace romance, but it has a sinister plot. Suspense intensifies when the lead hunk discovers that his employer is conducting mind experiments on select staff. But the twisted doctor in charge has not factored in the sleuthing powers of sexy green-eyed Jonathan Paige, the new HR department head, or his witty brown-eyed assistant, Holly Maddox.

Holly is a fun-loving person, but she’s avoiding men right now to concentrate on job security and being a good mom. Jon is tempting, though—and it doesn’t hurt that he smells like a cedar stick! He’s extremely resourceful—always ready with a disguise for secret visits to the medical lab—so he decides to use a little science for his own gain, to get inside Holly’s head.

Though the two are constantly joking around, they still manage to pull off some awesome stunts as they try to put an end to the doctor’s sinister experiments. But while the mystery solving is intense and quick-paced, their sensual moments are electric.

The suspense of it all is thrilling. Mind-Blown is definitely a page-turner—or, I suppose, a “page-scroller,” since it’s an e-book. I stayed up late reading it, just to find out what would happen next. For those of you who have never read a romantic thriller, give this one a try—it might just blow your mind.

There's much more. Don’t take my word for it. I’m a fiction writer! :-)
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