Friday, August 6, 2010

First review for Her Arizona Cowboy Brothers 4.5 Teacups!!

Just received a fantastic review from HAPPY EVER AFTER REVIEWS for my new menage


I'm so pleased I thought I would share it with you all below.

LynnMarie’s Review 

Can you say 'hot cover'? Three words come to mind after reading Her Arizona Cowboy Brothers: fun, creative and sexy. We are introduced to the Sybar race in the prologue, which ignited my curiosity. In Sabrina Sinclair’s debut erotic novel, we are pulled into the very unique and seductive world of the Dexter cowboys.

The Dexter brothers are Sybars, a sexual race of beings able to project dreams and illusions into the minds of female Sybars. The brothers are in desperate need of a mate to continue their line. When they find Lizzie, they are thrilled and lure her to their rundown ranch which appears as a luxury home thanks to their unique powers.

The two eldest brothers, Kyle and Jake, are sexually dominant and experienced in how to pleasure a female.  They instinctively known that Lizzie is turned on by BDSM. The youngest, Ben, is equally attractive, but horny and impulsive. The three men easily seduce the beautiful young English Sybar. The sex is uber hot and anything but vanilla. It’s kinky, it’s naughty and there’s a lot of it!

Sabrina Sinclair’s writing was filled with talent and I expect she’ll have a bright future as an erotica author. I did find the Sybar brothers, and much of the dialogue, over the top; very raunchy and not as realistic as I’d like. Of course, some of the conversations were hilarious and incredibly sexy. I liked the author’s English flare, altering tone and words for a distinctive read. This novella wasn’t character driven, but rather focused on sex and desire, so don't expect anything overly deep and meaningful.

Overall, Her Arizona Cowboy Brothers was a HOT, fun read! The sci-fi premise was refreshing and intriguing. If you like your novels highly erotic, light and fun, Her Arizona Cowboy Brothers is sure to please!

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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