Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday's Words for December 30, 2009

We finally have a couple of inches of snow on the ground. I know this only because I looked out the window just a while ago. Since I do a lot of driving all year round, I’ve been taking advantage of my beloved’s vacation and leaving the car keys on the hall table. There’s no reason for me to go outside if I’m not going to be driving somewhere.

I’m content to just look, because it looks very cold out there.

The holiday season is beginning to wind down, which means my beloved and I can enjoy a few days of peace and quiet, just the two of us. If you had a crystal ball and could look in on us, you’d wonder what the big deal is, since I spend most of my time in my office and he is well settled in his recliner, watching television, in the room behind me.

We don’t have to occupy the same room, or the same mental space, even, to enjoy the quiet of our togetherness. As I write this, David is watching a comedy of some sort. I can’t hear the television as he is thoughtfully wearing his wireless headphones. I can only hear his chuckles.

It makes me smile.

In a while I’m going to go in there, sit in my chair, and ask for a foot rub. It’s been a hard day of doing up all the dishes from the night before (there were 8 of us) and trying to get my mind back to work on my latest novel.

I’m afraid my mind wants a little bit more time off.

One of the things I love about this time of year is there is always left over food in the fridge, so I don’t have to cook every night. Although I love cooking, I appreciate the time off. We have ham and turkey, veggies and seafood salad. I didn’t go overboard on the sweets; I made my mother’s steamed carrot pudding, and this year just one batch of cookies.

I never told you what I bought my beloved for Christmas, but now that he’s opened the gifts, I can do so.

First a bit of background. We used to love to go to special events in our area, most notably the Canadian National Exhibition held every August, and the Royal Winter Fair (both events are usually held at the same place, on the C.N.E. grounds on the Lakeshore in Toronto). Of course, in those days it was a matter of going and looking only at all the neat things various vendors had on display. There was never any money to buy the different things we’d see and inevitably wish we could have. We were content, for the most part, to admire the different items or, in case of some pieces of clothing, ‘try them on’, and dream of “someday”.

Well, we happen to have in our area a saddlery shop, which I planned to visit ever since I found it. I have wanted for the last couple of years to buy my beloved two items from that long ago “someday” list. For Christmas, I did so. I warned him before he opened the boxes that I had given him, not something he needed, but something he wanted (at least I hoped he still did).

I’m so glad he loved my gifts. He is very happy to finally be the proud owner of a genuine Stetson, (fashioned from buffalo fur) and a Western Duster coat. They look really good on him, too.

If you’re wondering, I can tell you that his main gift to me was spa time. I love pedicures – oh, I could go without the polish on the toe nails it’s the massage and the paraffin treatments I love.

I did receive an item of modern technology, and this from my second daughter. I am now in possession of a Bluetooth.

Here in Ontario, there is a new law forbidding operation of a cell phone while driving except using a hands free device. That is what this Bluetooth is (even though mine is pink). I’ve been wearing it here at my keyboard. It’s so comfortable I nearly forget I have it on. Sometimes I have had my headset on while chatting on the cell phone so my hands are free to type. This Bluetooth is way more comfortable and the sound much clearer.

I did get a few laughs when I admired myself in the mirror wearing this device. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be for when I’m driving. But I have to tell you, I feel all Star-Trekkie wearing it. And it does have one other benefit.

Wearing it, I can talk to myself and no one will look at me twice.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. We’re not going out. If you do, please keep safe!

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