Thursday, December 17, 2009


I'm in such a great mood. Holidays going well. The reviews are coming in for THREE TO PLAY, and I am thrilled with them. To celebrate, I thought I'd share a short (lite-R rating) excerpt for you. Hope you enjoy.


5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Three to Play is one hot read from start to finish, and it will not disappoint!" -- Amy, Dark Diva Reviews

5 STARS: "...putting this baby down isn't an option!" --Brande, BookJunkie

5 BLUE RIBBONS "It is decadent, sensual, and hot enough to start a fire!" --Natalie, Romance Junkies
(To Be Posted Soon) (RJ's Website)

[Menage Amour 117: Erotic Contemporary Mnage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, May-December, BDSM]

Clint stared at her with rich brown eyes. He knelt down and cupped her shoulder. “Is that what you really want, Beth?”

God no! “It might be best.”

His voice turned stern, commanding. “That’s not an answer. What do you want?”

Dustin continued to caress her stomach. With each gentle circle, his hand got closer and closer to... “Please. Tell us, Beth.”

She could hardly take a breath for the excitement zipping through her. The kissing had melted her like butter. And now, these sexy men demanded an answer.

What did she really want? For things to go back to the safe, the familiar? Turn back the clock a month earlier, before they’d arrived?

Yes and no. She did want them. But at what cost? This would lead nowhere. Self-doubt crept inside her and took a seat.

Dustin kissed her neck, jolting her from her thoughts. “Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not.” Beth lied.

“Beth,” Dustin cajoled. “It’s all right. Clint and I will give you everything you need.”

“I’m nervous.”

Clint sat down next to her, kissed her neck, then whispered in her ear, “A little nervousness will add to your pleasure.”

Her gut turned several somersaults.

“Beth, you have nothing to fear with us.” Dustin leaned in and kissed her again. First, like an exuberant guest, then like an owner. Heavenly. Amazing. No one had ever kissed her like that before.

With Clint’s lips nipping at her neck while Dustin continued to penetrate her mouth, she shivered with delight. She most certainly would’ve slipped off the sofa if they hadn’t held her.

Dustin paused, his green eyes boring into her. “Clint and I are going to push you to beg for more.”

“Bragging, are we?”

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