Thursday, December 3, 2009


By: Kris Cook
Categories: EROTIC Romance Menage a Trois/Quatre May-December
Word Count: 37,014
Heat Level: SEXTREME

[Menage Amour 117: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, May-December, BDSM]


Beth still buzzed from the uninhibited sex she’d enjoyed with Clint and Dustin. The afterglow took her to a dreamy state that she resisted leaving.

Where Clint had been demanding, Dustin had been adventurous. They’d shared her, been inside her. The night had been off-the-charts. Though they were different in their lovemaking styles, each reached her in ways she’d never felt before, and she wanted to explore that more.

Dustin’s body pressed against the full length of her back, arm wrapped around her waist. Though his slow breathing let her know he still slept, his hand seemed awake, gently massaging her breast, causing her body to charge up again.

Beth heard the door to her bathroom shut. Her gut tightened, evaporating her remaining dreaminess.

She opened her eyes. No Clint. A minute later, she heard the shower start.

Her heart pounded hard and fast. Had she made a mistake? Would they think she’d taken them to bed only to protect her job?

Shit. Wasn’t the proverbial morning after a bitch?

That wasn’t the reason. But why did she agree to have sex with them? Though multiple opportunities for bed partners had come to her since her divorce three years ago, she’d only had sex twice since then. Had she been so pent up that when Clint and Dustin offered to fuck her, she jumped at the chance?

She’d wanted them from the very first day, no matter that they would likely push her off the show. Something about their masculinity and self-assuredness called to her. Dustin’s innuendos heated her to a boil. And Clint? Something lived underneath all that willpower, something commanding she could respond to. But he hadn’t unleashed it yet. Why, she wasn’t sure, but his sudden rush to the shower just confused her more.

Beth tried to peel Dustin’s arm around her waist off without waking him. His breathing changed.

“Are you trying to get away?” Dustin growled and nipped at her neck.

Her ache came back with fervor.

“No. Should we wait for Clint?”

“Why? He’s the one who left.” His lips touched her ear, and he whispered, “Plus, he takes very long showers.”

His hands drifted to her nipples. He tweaked them lightly with his fingers.

“Beth, we’ll have time with him again.

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