Monday, August 24, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ #51


“Horses?” I ask, squinting toward what appears to be three horses galloping through a haze. It’s hard to tell, though, since they almost look like shadows.
“An equine race with the same sentience as the human species. They arrive to welcome you.”


The three horses seemed to gallop on air as much as they did on the blue-green turf. Their hooves struck, yet floated. Strange to my eye, their color shifted constantly from a pale aurora-shimmering gray to a shadow black to a white glinting translucence.
“Sentient... how do I speak with them? Mind-to-mind as we do sometimes?”
“Simply speak to them.”
“Oh, thanks a lot, O Great Cherub. Another zen heavenly bit of advice.” My nerves zing so my tongue moves out the words willy nilly. I clutch at the cloud as I lean forward, another odd sensation.
Closer and closer, they run toward us, their pace swift, but not racing. I watch their splendid coats sparkle with light. They are unlike any horses I’ve ever seen in their confirmation. Their bodies are elegantly elongated, their chests deep and substantial.
Eagerness overcomes me and a tiny feeling of reticence since this is beyond everything I’ve experienced... so far.
The horse in the lead tucks his head. A muted red beam appears from the center of his forehead. Gradually the beam lengthens and looks to be directed at me. I stare as the reddish light streams, then transforms into starry jewels.
Within moments the beam enters into my heart.
Remember my love for you.


The next week will be interesting to say the very least. It is likely that there will be a memorable event. On a personal level this is a week to simply take as it comes, then deal to the best of your ability. Often, the actions to take will become obvious shortly after the event has taken place.
On the world stage there are events shaping up which have been created to act like a three-ring circus. You can’t watch all the rings at the same time. It may be wise to notice what takes place, yet remain distant and use your logical discernment as well as your spiritual discernment.
Take care this week. An event may catch you too unaware.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


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