Sunday, August 30, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ #52


The horse in the lead tucks his head. A muted red beam appears from the center of his forehead. Gradually the beam lengthens and looks to be directed at me. I stare as the reddish light streams, then transforms into starry jewels.
Within moments the beam enters into my heart.
Remember my love for you.


“Sarius,” I say the name. I don’t remember, yet I do. A sense of familiarity battles with my confusion.
Halting their fast pace, the three horses begin walking toward us. Their complete magnificence cannot be conveyed via words. However, now, Sarius, if that is his name, is a reddish hue on what can only be described as a coat that is a shimmer pewter coloring.
The other two horses coats are the same except one has a bluish sheen and the other one, who appears female, is golden hued.
Yes, I am Sarius. You do not remember now. It was you who created us, he communicates.
Created? I return and extend my palm. I don’t understand.
Sarius muzzles my hand, a tender welcome. I am euphoric. How I am able to contain this splendor, I’ll never know.
Long ago, before we came to our home here, we lived on a small island near the main island of Atlantis. Our people came to you wanting these bodies to be created.
Vague memories tug at me, yet remain out of reach... mists which cannot be captured and held.



The following week will long be remembered.
What remains important in this life are those we love and those who love us. In whatever ways you can express that love and receive that love, do it. For, it will be what makes the true difference in your life and the lives of us all. The future has been set into motion in a way that will challenge us all.
These challenges are best met with those we know and care for most deeply in our hearts. The more love thrives despite our challenges, the more we will all know victory over any and all the forthcoming challenges.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~
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