Sunday, August 16, 2009

5 CUP Review for Just A Taste Of Me


by Stormy Glenn

Erotic Paranormal Vampire/Werewolf M/M Romance

Reece knows Keeley is his mate the moment he meets him. But Keeley is not only human, he's a man. Alpha of his own pack for just three months, having a man for a mate is a headache Reece doesn't need. But not claiming his mate is not an option.

However, Keeley is unlike any man he has ever met, from the top of his gorgeous honey blond hair to the bottom of his fire engine red painted toenails, Keeley is hot! Reece becomes even more enchanted with his new mate when Keeley loses his temper with Reece and hits him with a cookie sheet.

Just when Reece accepts being mated to a man and starts to care for him, Keeley is attacked and nearly dies. Reece discovers a plot that involves more than just the death of his mate, but his entire pack. Can Reece save Keeley and his pack, or will he have to choose between them?

Keeley is a human with a little something extra; he has visions of things before they happen. He has been recently rescued from a horrible man called The Teacher who used Keeley's abilities for his own profit.

Reece is the alpha of a small pack of thirty werewolves, and as far as he is concerned he is straight as an arrow. Well, until he gets his first whiff of Keeley that is!

When Keeley has a strong feeling that he must enter a bar, he goes with it and figures he will just use the restroom and then be on his way. Unfortunately, a bloodsucker also follows him into the restroom with the intention of getting a blood donation from Keeley whether Keeley wants to donate or not. Fortunately for him, Reece cannot keep his eyes off Keeley nor his hormones under control, smelling trouble, he follows Keeley and the bloodsucker into the restroom. Reece saves Keeley but in doing so he has made Keeley his mate, a fact that Keeley is less than enthusiastic about, particularly when he discovers that Reece is straight. While they try to sort out their feelings for one another and their mutual wild attraction, there are those within Reece's pack with their own agenda, and Keeley's very existence is cramping their style. Will Reece be able to protect Keeley from those who mean him harm, as well as convince Keeley he wants to keep him forever?

Wow, talk about your fantastic sequel, this series just keeps getting better and better! Ms. Glenn really threw me for a loop with the whole straight guy falls for gay guy thing, but like the great writer she is, she had the perfect reason that made it all totally plausible. The world building in this series and this sequel is par excellence, and I am really looking forward to more stories. I really enjoyed how Ms. Glenn wrote the character of Reece, and his confusion over his instant attraction and nearly instant love for the admittedly adorable Keeley. I also liked the added dimension of the bloodsuckers aka vampires, they definitely added some real zest to the story. The lovemaking is positively scorching, and gives added depth to the emotions expressed between Reece and Keeley. I for one am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series, and all I can say is "Keep them coming Ms. Glenn, keep them coming!"

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