Monday, June 22, 2009

Faith of the Heart ~ Releases Tuesday, June 23rd

I’m pleased to announce that the fourth book in my award-winning Damaged Heroes series is scheduled to release in ebook on Tuesday.

This book came into being the way many of my stories do. By playing the “What if…?” game. I can’t take credit for dreaming up the game. It comes from Stephen King. He believes a writer should always think about what could happen, what unusual things could occur, what paths could be followed. I play the game often and highly recommend it for authors. It always keeps me from getting bored!

Faith of the Heart was born on a Christmas Eve mass as we waited for the services to begin. My church has a beautiful crucifix, and I found myself just staring at it, thinking about Jesus and all the things he accomplished in his short life. My husband reached over to hold my hand. (Yes, after almost thirty years as a couple, we still hold hands. We’re a pair of odd ducks.) I started to wonder, “What if someone could cure people like Jesus did?” Then I wished for a moment that faith healers were real and could cure my husband of his Crohn’s disease. At that moment, I had my herione. Faith healer Sarah Reid “introduced” herself to me.

I didn’t sleep much that night as I turned ideas around in my mind. What hero would possibly be the last person in the world to fall for a faith healer? An investigative reporter. One who had experienced a great loss and been ripped off by a fake “healer.” Joshua Miller sprang to life. On our long drive to my in-laws’ home for Christmas dinner, I wrote while Jeff drove. (If you’ve ever been in a car while my husband drove, you’d realize what a sacrifice it was for me and how important this story was.) The prologue poured out of me almost faster than I could capture it on paper with my favorite green ink.

Yes, I’m weird. I always write in green ink. Aren’t all authors eccentric?

About the same time I started on Faith of the Heart, I also started Turning Thirty-Twelve. Then All the Right Reasons. Afraid no one would enjoy a story about a faith healer unless it was an inspirational romance, I kept pushing Sarah Reid and Josh Miller aside to work on other stories. But the couple kept calling to me, begging me to finish their tale. So I did. Then, to test the waters, I sent it to a few contests. And it just kept hitting the finals. I’m so proud to say that FOTH won the Lone Star and Winter Rose contests, and it finaled in Reveal Your Inner Vixen and GOTCHA.

So…if you’re looking for a nice romance, I’d love for you to take a look at Faith of the Heart.


Empowering, Old-Fashioned Romance

Investigative reporter Joshua Miller has turned his back on life. Since cancer claimed his wife, he can't bring himself to write another story. Then he hears about a fascinating woman who piques his curiosity.

After being struck by lightning, Sarah Reid finds herself with a gift... and a curse. She can heal the sick and dying. She soon realizes that along with the special gift also comes danger to her own life. Feeling responsible for the death of her best friend, Sarah reasons that perhaps she has received the gift to make amends, no matter the personal cost.

Neither expects sparks to fly when they meet. Sarah discourages Josh's persistence in investigating her while he fights his attraction, refusing to acknowledge that she can truly save people.

Can Sarah break through Josh's stubborn cynicism and show him that miracles really can come true by leading him back to love?

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