Sunday, June 21, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ #42

Aloft his cotton puff cloud, the Heavenly One gives me the nod, once I glance up from the soft radiant rainbows that compose the underside of his cloud.
“Wars, pestilence, famine... it’s everywhere.” I sigh, dispirited.
“It’s time to change the channel to a different reality... for a few moments.” He smiles, his countenance glimmering as if a white sparkly light spotlights his face.
“What the world could be--”
“Yes, how the world could be.”
“Is this one of my lifetimes I’m recalling?” I ask, suddenly curious.
“It is.”
I know better than to ask for more detail. The Cherub’s eyes have gone all smoky luminous with his secrets.

My Summer Solstice Seductress, shades of yellow swirl around her, from golden to icy pale.
She is summer to my eye, her frock an airy whirlwind graced by the sensual display of her legs.
Curvaceous and gleaming with a delicate tan, I would devour her with my tender and brutal passions.
Before me, she is playful as a naughty kitten offering a carefree flirtation only for my pleasure.

I am in love with her ankles watching her flash them in the breezy sunlight as she glances at the flapping sail.
Around us, azure and peridot waters ripple forming diamonds. Yes, I adore her pert nose and silently beg.
If only her father will allow our match, I will dance her into the bold raptures of our love, our marital passions.
A queen aboard my sailing yacht, she kicks off her bright yellow sandals, so sassy with our light-hearted leisure.

A gust of wind lifts her long bouncing curls, a blaze of splendid red beneath the high laughing sun and I swear I will not fail.
Languidly lifting one shoulder, she eases back on one palm, a sweet seductive pose only for my eyes, then gracefully straightens one leg.
She sneaks a peek at me, smiling, a heart-shaped curve of her pink luscious mouth and I quiver like an untried lad with my passions.
A languorous tilt of her head, she surrenders to the sun-drenched rise of wind, her naked throat tempting my lips to plunder such a lovely treasure.


This week on the world stage bedlam will continue, rising and falling in intensity, as if all the stage is one gargantuan roller coaster. Pay attention to the players, yet do not be deceived by the endless drama. For, it serves you not. Instead, this is the week to focus on your own life. How would you change it? Look carefully and let wisdom dictate the paths you choose. Subtle opportunities will present themselves and it is up to you to say yay or nay.
The following week is also excellent for connecting with your family in fun ways. What do you enjoy doing together the most? A picnic? A movie? Taking in the sights? Let the rhythms of this week move you. The songs are all there. Simply listen for the tune and the beat, and then enjoy.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


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Sunny June Kisses from Savanna Kougar...

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Savanna Kougar said...

Happy Summer Solstice...

Lindsay Townsend said...

Woot, Savanna! Blessings of the Summer and Winter Solstices (solstici?) to you...

Love the pic of Stonehenge!

Savanna Kougar said...

That is a great pic.

You got a preview of my poem for your PINK BLOG!