Monday, June 8, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ #40

“Is the world tired?” I ask the Heavenly One. “Or is it just me?” “Much of the world is exhausted.” Swooping down beside me, the Cherub lifts me in his arms, then sails upwards. The late night sky crackles with lightning. Raindrops splash against my skin. The winds blast over us and around us.
“Where are we going?” I shout.
“To the back side of the moon.”
“Where the bases are?”
“No. There is something else I want you to see. Hang on tight.”
I squeeze the Heavenly One’s neck as he twirls faster and faster traveling upwards. I have no idea what our speed is. Still, the storm ceases around us and there is an eerie rushing silence.
Moments later, he says, “We are here. Look down.”
Having no clue what to expect, I blink open my eyes. His glistening ebony wings are wrapped around me, holding me secure. I look toward the shimmer surface of the moon. We hover high above one area. Shocked, I gaze at patches of emerald.
“Vegetation?” I ask.
“Green cheese,” he light-hearted teases.
“Not blue cheese?”
“Isn’t that for salads?”
“Oh my goodness!” Small silver discs zip back and forth over the strange rough landscape. “UFOs.”
“Now, you know where some of them come from.”

This week will be one of confusion. Often it will feel like you’re walking through a heavy fog. Use caution as you proceed with any project. And use your best discernment in dealing with others. For their confusion could mislead you as well as them. Your best bet is to use your intuition like radar to guide your steps. Also, look for the beams of light shining through. You will recognize them by the feeling of divineness that overwhelms you.
This is also a week for fun, those precious intimate moments you most enjoy with those you love. Expand on those moments and your life will take on a new dimension of joy.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


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