Friday, March 6, 2009

Time to Take Another Look

Hey everyone, It's Dee Dawning. It's been six months since my initial BookStrand novel, Love and Seduction in Las Vegas was released. Though the reviews have been glowing the sales have been disappointing, so maybe it's time to take another look. Today, I'm posting the third five star review of this very moving, extremely sexy, feel good story anew. Check out the book too. If you do, I'm sure you'll agree with the reviewer, it's like nothing you've ever read. Love and Seduction in Las Vegas is a bell ringer.

By Dee Dawning
Siren - Book Strand Publishing
July 2008
Erotic Romance

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Thrust into her life one night by peculiar circumstances, Loretta Bishop, seventeen years Bobby's senior, has been tasked with taking the shy, modest pretty boy under her wing and turning him into a lady's man. Free spirited and sexually adventurous, Loretta is eminently qualified to teach him the elements of pursuit, seduction, and how to please women.
At first, being with Bobby seems like a dream, but clouds begin to gather from Loretta's spotty and sometime sordid past. Feeling guilt after Bobby asks to marry her, Loretta is no longer able to continue and runs away.
Now, it's up to Bobby to put the methods Loretta has taught him to practical use. Will he succeed and parlay his new talents into love, wealth, and power?


There is lot to be said about
LOVE AND SEDUCTION IN LAS VEGAS by Dee Dawning, but I am just going to write this short review.

I am blown away with the way author Dee Dawning manages to draw me in from the very beginning.

The character of Loretta Bishop is one of a kind that readers won’t help but cheer her on with her generous and fun spirit.

This is definitely like nothing I have read before. It reflects the point of view of four people who’s lives through fate are intertwined together. This shows how tough it can be for a woman no matter what year it is. And it also shows the determination of this woman to make a good life for herself despite the many obstacles in her way.

There is lots of drama going to keep more than one reader entertained. But like all great dramas there’s also great conflict between the main characters of Loretta and Bobby. Especially with the way the author will keep readers wondering about Bobby. But I won’t spoil one of the big secrets by writing about it. If you want to know then you’ll just have to get yourself your own copy of

I definitely love the way the whole book shifted between the years in between of the life of Loretta Bishop in the span of almost thirty years. And of course who doesn’t love a happy ending.

I give

Reviewed by:
Estefanie L.
Night Time Romance Reviews

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