Monday, March 23, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XXIX

“Spring has sprung. Corny as that is, I’ve always wanted to say that,” I say to the Heavenly One who is surrounded by a purply mist. I wonder why, of course.
“Didn’t you see a purple light above you, before you slept?” he asks, mischief in his gaze. He floats downward, standing on his feet before me.
I slowly nod. “I did. Was it you?”
“A friend of mine.”
“Another Cherub?”
“No. My friend is a light being from another planet-world. Or, she can shift to her light body and travel the Universe.”
“Fascinating. I suppose human beings have that potential, to shift into a light body and travel anywhere.”
“They do. They will.” He smiles enigmatically and I understand he won’t reveal any detail about how or when that will occur.
“Why did your purple friend visit me?” I link arms with the Heavenly One. We stroll over the greening tame prairie toward the overflowing pond, where the frogs are chorusing in great bursts of raucous song.
“She wished to see your aura and your light body.”
“I suppose there was a reason.”
“There was.” He pauses and I feel his seriousness. “She is studying how those of your vibration live in the material realms.”
I stay silent. Because I have no answers. Then, I say as the realization dawns, “I write.”
The Cherub strokes my arm tenderly. “Writers are sacred.”

The following week is one of adventure. Even the smallest shopping trip can turn into a small adventure, whether frustrating or unexpected fun. You can let the adventures come to you. Or, you can plan an adventure for this week. If you are an author, the adventurous scenes in your story should flow more smoothly. Certainly, it’s an opportunity to be wild and wonderfully imaginative, beyond what you thought possible.
This is also a week where a pet will feature prominently. If not your pet, one which belongs to a friend or relative. Keep an eye open for our animal friends.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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