Monday, March 2, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XXVI

“I feel a sweeping malaise... so many seem sapped of energy,” I say, then grin as the Heavenly One creates a rainbow bench for us to sit on, before the newly blooming daffodils.
“Yes, some are feeling this malaise... born of unnatural energies,” he answers. I watch him wave his arm in an expansive invitation. Quickly tiny lights appear, flitting in all directions. Soon I glimpse the swift beating of ephemeral wings. “Daffodil fairies,” he explains. “They are busy this time of year.”
“I would imagine,” I respond, bewitched by their erratic ethereal flights. They zoom and hover, then zoom again. “I’m not seeing them fully, am I?”
“You are seeing their crystalline energies in this density of reality.” Lifting his palm he rains drops of pastel colors over the fairies, who whirl upwards and appear to be playing in the sparkling shower.
I smile, simply enjoying for long moments. “Why daffodils?” I finally ask.
“They invite the return of the sun’s spring energy and help revitalize Mother Earth, for the sake of all people and all creatures.”
Who could argue with that? It was logical and magical.
“Born of unnatural energies?” My curiosity grips like a pitbull’s jaws.
“The created waves are set and dispersed to discourage Those who will never conform.”
“Are the waves created for certain brain patterns?” I feel cold, as if someone replaced my middle with a piece from an Arctic glacier.
“No. They are mostly DNA based. Those who do not conform carry certain genetic markers from past civilizations.”
“There’s a story unto itself.” My imagination spins.
“It will be told,” he assures me. I hear the uninhibited joy in his voice. “Do not worry,” he continues. “Their unnatural waves will backfire in their purpose. Eventually. For what can be created can always be re-created in a different form, one which eliminates the original wave.”
“Oh...” Okay.

This week’s events on the world stage will be significant in several ways. Old ways of doing things will end, old ways of thinking will die. New ways of doing and thinking will begin. Some of these are direct gifts from the Divine and some of the new ideas offered and instituted are ugly in their design and purpose. To know the difference, check in with your Higher Self, and look to your heart. If your heart sings, if you dance within to the new resonance, to the new beat and the new way, that is the Divine’s gift to us all. If you feel compelled and driven toward what seems to be good, but it does not ‘sing’ within you, that is not from the Divine... beware of the intent and how this new way or idea will be used in the future.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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