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Life With Baby Doll: A Tender Kiss

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My six-week recovery period from surgery ended on Thursday, April 2nd.  I am slowly returning to normal activities. When I become stubborn, not listening to my body, I pay in the form of physical exhaustion.  My doctor warned me of the tiredness, but she also said that it would gradually improve.  Hopefully, sooner than later.
The tiredness has prompted me to indulge in afternoon naps, as I’ve taken two this week alone. John enjoys lying down in the middle of the day.  He always has.  Many times, that brief thirty minute, or hour period, has given us much need rest.  Other days, it’s given us a chance to reconnect emotionally and sexually as partners.
During the course of our relationship, Baby Doll and I have had some interesting naps. Usually, I end up holding him until we fall asleep. Sometimes, we’ve laid awake in each other arms quietly talking.  Then, there  have been moments where tender caresses and intimate words turned into smoldering passions.  When there hasn’t been time to fully explore the tensions building between us, I’ve even initiated what I like to call make-out sessions.  For me, there’s nothing hotter than sharing my bed with a handsome twink.  Particularity, when that same gay boy is begging me to touch him in places that will take his ache away.
One of those naps this week was on Saturday afternoon.  My exhaustion, coupled with the fact that John had a recent flair of his chronic conditions, made it all the more sweeter that we could rest in each other’s arms. When his nerve damage and non-specific auto immune disorder flares, sometimes the only way I can comfort him is  to hold him close.  He often says that my tender touch and warmth help ease his pain.  In his case, flattery will get him everywhere.
As the more dominant partner in our relationship, I feel a sense of masculine protection towards my partner and family.  John and our two children are my responsibility.  Jonah and Sarah are little lives that depend on me for their care.  As teenagers, both would probably scoff at the idea that I referred to them as little.  They are good children and will forever remain babies in my heart.  In their respect, I’ve experienced the protection and love of a father.  Within the dynamic that I share with John, that same protection and love always lends itself to a tenderness that softens my mood and heart.
With Baby Doll in my arms, I pulled his body close to mine, wrapping the comforter around our bodies.  I felt John snuggle against me.  He was quiet.  Normally a chatterbox, I knew he was hurting.  I would take his pain in a heartbeat.  With my chin resting on the top of his head,  I inhaled his sweet scent, smoothing the hair away from his face.  Among all the adjectives that I’ve used in the past to describe myself, I am also a problem solver, a man who likes cut and dry answers.  Auto-immune disorders and nerve damage don’t play  by the rules.   Most times, all I am able to offer the man I love is my comfort.
“Come here, I got you,”  I whispered softly into John’s ear.  ”It’ll go away, it always does.”

“I love you, Andrew,”  John replied, reaching for my hand.  
Once I felt his even breathing, I knew he had fallen asleep.  Allowing myself to relax, I softly ran my hand over his arm, caressing his flesh with my fingertips. The act of falling asleep in another person’s arms takes a significant amount of love and trust.   I gained Baby Doll’s trust first by loving him, then by listening to his needs, and finally making his needs a reality. Romancing a man doesn’t have to be a hard task, once you realize that love is not about you, but about about making the one you love happy.
We ended up falling asleep, waking up almost two hours later.  In his sleep, John had rolled over.  He was now facing me, as we lay side by side.  When my eyes opened, I found him staring at me.  Baby Doll often gives me this innocent and virginal look.  I’ve made sure that there isn’t anything innocent and virginal about him, except perhaps that gaze.  To make matters even worse for a gay man such as myself, who enjoys the company of a flamboyant twink, his stare can become campy, as he subtly bats his eyelashes.  Sure enough, as I saw Baby Doll’s expression, it was everything that I described.
John and I are what we refer to as old-school gay.  As a result, we use a great deal of gay  terms and lingo in our relationship.  Many of the words can also be read in my books, short stories, and on my blog.  I’ve been a gay man for twenty-three years, ever since I discovered the meaning of the word at the age of seventeen.  Before that, I identified as a boy who wanted to kiss other boys.  The top/bottom dynamic that Baby Doll and I share is worded as part of that lingo.  Because there are so many different types of gay men, I write about a variety in real situations of life and love.  It is important for me to let my readers know that these men desire many different types of relationship dynamics.
“What are you doing?”  I asked, pulling him closer, aligning our bodies.  

“You’re a handsome man, Casanova,”  John said.  ”You’re also way too modest about yourself. “

“I’m just your average guy who likes to be in control, but flattery will get your everywhere with me.  Feeling better?”  I asked.

” A little.”
John was doing what he always does, asking me to take control.  He’s done that from the moment of our first kiss.  Sometimes, he will brush his lips with my own, quickly pulling back, waiting for my tender dominance.  Other times, like Saturday afternoon, he shares private and unspoken gestures, letting me know that he’s desiring my attention.  His flirts easily do that.
Another part of being a dominant individual, is knowing what your partner needs, whether it’s emotional or sexual desires.  That is also a responsibility that I continue to develop.  So what did I give Baby Doll in his condition?  A few tender kisses never hurt anyone, especially when John’s lips parted beneath my own seconds later.  As I cradled the back of his head with my hand, my lips lingered gently on his, caressing the sweetness of the mouth beneath my own.
“Always a sweet submission,”  I whispered, now caressing his back with my fingertips.

“You give me what I want,”  John replied.

“Yeah, I know. Kind of hard not to with that needy stare. If you’re feeling well enough later, I will continue what I started. For now though, you are going to let me hold you until I make sure you’re better.” 
The tender kiss, that I gave my partner on Saturday afternoon, became a reminder of everything that makes me a gay male.  While ManLove is a relatively new word,  it’s meaning encompasses everything that I share with John.  I’ve been asked before why do I prefer men?  That’s a question that I could give many answers, one that I am sure to visit again.  For now, I will say that I’m attracted to the mind, body, and soul of the male spirit.  John Jericho is the only man who fulfills those needs.
To learn more about John and I visit: Life With Baby Doll.  Due to the increasing popularity of the Life With Baby Doll series, I have created the permanent tab on my Website that contains information concerning the intense and passionate love affair that I share with my partner, John Jericho.
I enjoy hearing from all of my readers, and look forward to your e-mails. Remember Love is Love…Period.
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