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Life With Baby Doll: My Taste of Heaven

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On March 25th, I shared on my Facebook Timeline that John was scheduled for an appointment with a rheumatologist. During the visit, he had a physical evaluation, blood work, and X-rays. Due to the fact that he has a non-specific autoimmune disorder and psoriasis, his GP suspected psoriatic arthritis last fall, prompting the visit to the specialist.
While the rheumatologist suspects that he has psoriatic arthritis as well, there is no definitive test for it. X-rays will only show damage to his joints. She believes that he will benefit from a low dose of  Methotrexate (chemo-med) in combination with a prescription dose of folic acid. Neither John, nor I, are comfortable with the drug, as we don’t believe the benefits outweigh the risks.
His blood work and X-Rays revealed everything that we’ve already known about his chronic conditions.  After viewing the test results, the doctor formally prescribed the Methotrexate and Folic Acid combination this past week. I have not picked the prescriptions up from the pharmacy, as they were called in by her nurse.
There is an “alternative medicine” that has worked in the past, 100 percent, in clearing John’s psoriasis and helping with his pain. However, certain doctors that he now sees for other conditions require urine tests. Arkansas is not a liberal state, such as Washington and Colorado, on such matters. John and I are both supporters of Medical Marijuana.
On the same day that we received the call concerning the new medications, the rheumatologist also wants to schedule John for an MRI.  Baby Doll hates that test, as he does not like to be in small spaces and lying flat on his back for long periods of time is uncomfortable.  Luckily, Hot Springs has an open facility.
I wrote about one of John’s flares in an April 6th, Life With Baby Doll post. Since them, similar episodes have been occurring, with the most recent lingering.  He goes through periods of spikes and lulls, as expected with the nature of the conditions. His next appointment with the rheumatologist is April 28th.  At that time, we will return to discuss more options.
Yesterday, I had returned home from errands to find John sitting on our bed.  His expression broke my heart.  As a man who is used to fixing what is broken, I have never come to terms with the fact that I cannot fix Baby Doll’s body, not that I haven’t and continue to try.  I don’t give up easily and not without a fight.  So I pulled him close, as I knew his guard would dissolve in my arms.
“I’m sorry, Andrew.”

“You’re got nothing to be sorry for, Baby Doll. I promise we’ll get through this together.  I’m reading new articles everyday about what’s going on in your body.  There is something out there to help you, and I will find it.”

“I’m tired of the flares…of never knowing when.  I couldn’t even go with you today.”

“Your spirit was with me.  I always feel you beside me when we are not together.”

“I don’t want to drag you down, Casanova.”

“There has never been a moment with you that I have regretted.  Remember what you told me our first Christmas together?  That I was your heart and home.  John, you’re mine.  I would also walk through any circumstance with you, just so I could prove that I could pull us out on the other side.”  

“Are you going to kiss me, because it looks like you are?” John asked in a flamboyant tone.

“And you shouldn’t ask your top rhetorical questions,” I replied. 
As we continued to sit together on our bed, I gently pulled him onto my lap. I placed one hand around his body, as the other cradled the back of his head.  I made sure that my kiss was tender, passionate, and laced with the knowledge that I am a man who keeps his word.
Later that night, after the house was quiet, I pulled Baby Doll into my arms again.  This time we were lying in our bed.  Tangling our legs, I held my partner close.
Often before falling asleep, we like to talk or read together. I am a romantic man who has a love of literature and poetic verse.  There are a few special poems dedicated to memory, just in case opportunities like the one on Saturday night arise.  I have found that handsome twinks, like the one that was lying in my arms, can be vulnerable to romantic words. Shakespeare’s Sonnet XXIX  more than fit the intended meaning of the emotions behind my kiss earlier.  The last two lines are reminders that love's desire always sees the best in everything. Particularly, when John has always been my little taste of Heaven.
“For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings
   That then I scorn to change my state with kings.”

~ William Shakespeare
To learn more about John and I visit: Life With Baby Doll.  Due to the increasing popularity of the Life With Baby Doll series, I have created the permanent tab on my Website that contains information concerning the intense and passionate love affair that I share with my partner, John Jericho.
I enjoy hearing from all of my readers, and look forward to your e-mails. Remember Love is Love…Period.
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