Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Andrew Kinley is now Andrew Jericho

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In May, 2013 when Siren-BookStrand stopped publishing my books under the name Anita Kinley and began to release titles as A K Kinley, that was a temporary solution until I was ready to publicly come out as a gay transman and begin the legal name change process, to Andrew Kyle Jericho.
Since my partner and I came out together in September, 2013, we have been researching the name change process.  As of right now, we have put those steps in motion.  My partner’s name is John Jericho.  As a business move, we are wanting to put his business venture and my writing under one last name. In addition, as a family, we desire to have the same last name for us and our two children.  
What can you expect from this change? The most obvious, and the most important to me, is that we will be the Jericho Family.  I like hearing my partner saying the words, “Andrew and John Jericho.”  In addition, I will not be submitting any more books to Siren-BookStrand under the name  A K Kinley, but under Andrew Jericho.  As readers, you already know that I go by the first name Andrew on my Website and Social Media, so I hope it will not be too great a change.
My publisher is already aware of my intentions and has made the necessary changes.  For that, I wish to thank everyone at Siren-BookStrand for their understanding and professionalism in dealing with me.  After I make this announcement public, I will begin the process of changing my last name across my Website and different Social Media platforms.
While changing a name on most Social Networking sites is fairly simply, making the updates to my Website will be more complicated.  I will be obtaining a new domain under and transferring all files.  Once the process is complete I will let all of my readers know, but until then continue to follow my work at:
This name change means a great deal to both myself and John.  It is something that we have desired since we became life partners twenty-two years ago.  I am am happy to be able to share it with all of you.
I enjoy hearing from all of my readers, and look forward to your e-mails. Remember Love is Love…Period.
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Andrew Jericho  is a ManLove erotic romance author for Siren-BookStrand Publishing  and LGBTQ rights activist based in Hot Springs, AR.  All of his work can be found at:  A K Kinley.  For questions or comments please e-mail him at

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